Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun Day!

I want to add some pictures to this post but I left my camera in Asha's diaper bag which is in her room and she's still trying to get to sleep so it will have to wait.

We had a really great day with my in laws. How many people can actually say that? I finally get along great with my mother and father-in-law. It took years but we are finally there and I am so extremely happy about it.

Any ways to get to the fun day part we went over there after some doctors appointments to go swimming and after we shocked the heck out of the pool since the water was green we finally got to go in and swim a little. Asha isn't real big on water but the more we go there the more comfortable she gets. They had bought a ducky inner tube for the little ones and she wore it in and out of the pool. Once they opened it and blew it up she kept begging to go back in the pool which in itself is a miracle that she wanted to go back in the water. I gave in and put her wet "kini" (bikini) back on her because I just couldn't resist her "wimmin poo" (swimming pool) plead anymore it was just too cute.

After the swimming pool she had a blast when her papa came home with a tupperware tub full of toys for her to play with. He works for 3 apartment complexes and you wouldn't believe the toys that people leave behind when they move. Nice stuff too. Today he brought home about 15 Beanie Babies in really good conidtion that someone just left behind. He also had the whole bottom of the tub full of play kitchen dishes, silverware and food to go along with the play kitchen someone left behind a few weeks ago. It is incredible how much stuff he had for the kids. Everything had been cleaned already so she dove right in and started digging through that tub like there was buried treasure at the bottom. It was so funny to watch her wearing her little ducky inner tube trying to practically dive into the tub.

We had a wonderful dinner of Subway courtesy of Aunty who works at Subway and gets a discount and then some nice visiting time.

I really feel blessed to have these wonderful people in our lives and they truly are what grandparents should be!!