Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank You!!

Thank you for the comments on my last post. It did get better after a 2 hour temper tantrum. They are actually more like rages and at one point I laid her on the ground and straddled her so she couldn't kick me anymore and just talked to her calmly asking what she wanted and letting her know that I love her but couldn't help her if she wouldn't stop crying. Of course she didn't stop and I ended up putting her to bed where she cried for another half hour 45 minutes and once I heard her quiet down I went in and sat on her rocking chair and asked if she wanted me to rock her. She didn't but she had stopped crying and wanted jello so I got her some. She was fine until I asked her if she wanted to go to the old house with me so I could get the rest of my clothes and then she lost it again. I called my mother in law to see if she could watch her so I could go alone. My mother in law said to bring her up and she would try to help me calm her down so maybe she could go with me. It worked and Asha was fine the rest of the night. I even got to go to my meeting and she was good through the whole thing.

We ended up having a really nice night. We went out to eat at a little restaurant in our old town and she ate really well and was her old silly happy self. I just wish she could be like that right away after I pick her up so we could go and do some fun stuff together instead of fighting for an hour to 2 hours every day. She did want to cuddle as soon as we got home and at the meeting she was on my lap the whole time but she was good and not screaming so it was fine. I love love love to cuddle with her but most of the time I can't even go to the bathroom without it causing a tantrum. It's just so hard and I'm on pins and needles with her for those few hours after we get home not wanting to do anything to upset her.

You are all wonderful for the support and I am going to check out that other blog Angel thank you for that.

Aves I will be contacting you once we are all settled in for a playdate. I would love to take Asha to that park over the river and I think Shell would like to go with us too.

Mindy you are so wonderful to pray for us and it is greatly appreciated. Days like today we really needed them.

Love you all and thanks for helping us out.


Mindy said...

((((((Mandy & Asha))))))

You guys are going to make it through this.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Oh Mandy! What an ordeal the two of you are going through. :(

I'm still so amazed at how well you are doing & your strength!

I agree with everyone else too - She's grieving. Everything is all upside down. And just keep letting her know you're there for her no matter how much screaming she does.

In her little world she's probably wondering what she did wrong to make this all happen. Every kid thinks that. So reassure it that it has nothing to do with her!

And most definitely make sure you take care of yourself! You are doing so great!!!


mayhem said...

It must be so hard for both of you. Sweet Asha! I suppose she's expressing herself as best she can right now! You sound like a good momma.

Rebeckah said...

Hey Mandy
I am so sorry you are going thru this hard time right now! I can't imagine how many changes there are for all of you to get used to! I will be praying for you. Much love!

stephanie garcia said...

Mandy, We dealt with some major anger issues with one of our daughters when we moved overseas as well. It was overwhelming for quite awhile as she just didn't seem to be able to express her feelings any other way. But there is light at the end of the tunnel ... this will eventually pass ... sending big ((hugs)) to both of you tonight!