Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update on Us

Sorry Rebekah that I haven't been posting. Work has been crazy hectic and when I get home just want to spend time with my girl and relax a little.

The other week we spent the whole week concentrating on Asha not having accidents. When she came back from her dad's last time she had accidents all week at school and even a few at home. It took me until last Saturday to get her to stop having them. She just didn't want to tell anyone she had to go so she would go in her pants. She was fine last week though.

Her and I have also been fighting colds so trying to mend that way as well. Not much else going on worth posting about. Just regular life stuff.

She is missing her brother alot and when I dropped her off on Friday she unbuckled so fast and tried to get out of the car because she saw him that it cracked him up. He was laughing when she got out because she was so excited to see him. He even had to take her to the bathroom because he is all she wanted. We went to his old school the other week for a friends daughter's volleyball game and Asha remembered that it was his school and kept asking if he was there and I had to let her know that it wasn't his school anymore. It didn't help that we ran into some of his old friends and they asked if he was with us.

It's a good thing she isn't old enough to realize yet when her dad doesn't call on his designated days because he didn't call her at all this week. Usually if he misses a day he will atleast try to call the next day but he made no attempt at all to call her. If this happens when she's old enough to understand I will have to do something about it. She doesn't deserve to be hurt anymore than he's already hurt her.

Tomorrow she has gymnastics so that will be fun. I've tried to get more pictures of her doing that but the lighting in there isn't the best and all the pictures turn out dark. I've probably posted enough of those pictures though. I do have a few from the other day I will try to post at some point.

Hope everyone has a good week!!


Pep said...

Mandy! So good to see you post! :-) Hugs, Pep

Rebeckah said...

I didn't mean to make you feel bad. You don't have to ever post if you don't want to : ). I just love to see Asha and know that you are all ok : )!