Monday, July 31, 2006

The Joys of Asha

How I Became an Adoptive Mommy
I started this blog as a way for me to express the absolute joys of being a mommy to my little girl, Asha.

I am a mommy through adoption. Asha's birthmom chose us to parent her little girl in March of 2005. Asha was born a few weeks later on Easter Sunday. She was 2 weeks early and a really big suprise especially since we weren't even ready to travel yet. We ended up driving and it took us 19 hours to get from Wisconsin to Florida. We spent a week in Florida with Asha's birthmom and her other 2 children before we got clearance to leave. It was difficult to leave for us and for Asha's birthmom. We have grown to love Asha's birthmom as part of our family and it was hard leaving her.

The year went by quickly though and Asha has grown by leaps and bounds and is now 16 months old but looks like a 2 year old and some days acts like a 2 year old. Her birthmom and bio brother were just here a few weeks ago for a visit and it was great to get caught up again and to see Asha with her birthmom. Watching Asha's birthmom leave was hard again but not as emotional as the first time we had to part ways.

A favorite question everyone likes to ask us is if we got to pick Asha's name. Yes we did. The first question her birthmom asked us when we told her what we wanted to name the baby was "What does it mean?" Well we didn't know so I had to look it up and ironically it means "Life" or "Hope". Life is perfect because she was born on Easter Sunday and Hope is perfect because there's alot of hope of being a parent when going into adoption.

Here's a picture of my princess with my first attempt at braiding her hair. That's one thing that was REALLY nice about her birthmom coming to visit was she taught me a few things about Asha's hair and how to take care of it.