Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Pics

Asha on her 4th birthday. She had an awesome birthday if I do say so myself.!!

I got extensions put in her hair for part of her birthday present and she also got her ears pierced. She loved her "new" hair as she called it!!

Attempted camping once this summer but was so cold and rainy don't even want to attempt it again this year. Did manage to get a fire started in the rain and made smores. lol

Asha at her daycare. They had a lunch on the lawn party for the kids who were moving up to antoher classroom.

This was taken Easter weekend with her "new" hair. She looks so much older with her hair like that but soooo beautiful!!

My girl all dressed up for Easter. Same as her birthday dress but she loved it and wanted to wear it again.

Took her to June Dairy Days again. She really loves all the free ice cream and animals.

I just love this pic it's so cute!! Took her to a zoo a friend told me about. It was pretty nice we had a good time.

This was taken with my cell phone at the zoo. I'm getting pretty good at getting myself in the pics too!! lol

This was Memorial weekend. We went to visit a friend and his family and had a really great weekend. They had an awesome cabin on a river. It was really beautiful.

Still Memorial weekend!! She loved my friend Tim and even convinced him to take her on his boat and to try and catch her a fish.

My work had a picnic and the clown did an amazing job painting Asha's face. I love this pic!! She even put glitter on her nose so it would sparkle like a wet puppies!!

We took a trip up to Duluth, MN a few weeks ago to visit a friend. We had an amazing weekend.

Waterfalls in Duluth. I love waterfalls!!

Looking for agates (rocks) at the beach in Duluth.

My girl stopping to smell the roses at that the rose gardens in Duluth.
This will be all for pics for awhile. Right after our Duluth trip I dropped my camera and broke it. Can't afford a new one for awhile so just using my cell phone which doesn't take the greatest pics.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad Blogger

I am so sorry I am a bad bad blogger. Blame my job and Facebook!! I have been working mandatory overtime at work for 3 weeks and then get a few weeks off and then mandatory again so working 10 hr days doesn't leave alot of time for blogging. All I have time for is a little bit of Facebook and that's about all.

I will try to get a real post up some time soon but I am on mandatory 10 hr days again this week and then we are camping next weekend so I will try to get camping pics up along with some Memorial weekend pics soon.

Again sorry for being a bad blogger life is just crazy!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

1st Time Bowling

My birthday was last weekend and Asha's dad refused to take her because she had a cold so instead of going out with the girls for my birthday the girls, their kids, me and Asha all went bowling. We had an amazing time. Asha made it through 1 1/2 games and did pretty well.

A couple of times she wanted to do it by herself and the ball took forever to get to the end if it got to the end at all. One time it got stuck right in the middle and we had to have someone come down and get it for us. It was all just too funny and so much fun. I wish we would have thought of bowling at the beginning of winter instead of the end.

Here are some fun pictures of our fun day!!

This is just a fun one at home before we left for the day. We were gone all day with eating out for lunch, bowling and then going out for supper as well. Our friends made sure we had a GREAT day. Here's my girl when we first got to the bowling alley. She was so excited!!

This is how she liked to watch the ball go slowly down the lane. It was so cute!!

Still waiting and watching. Wow that ball sure does go slow.

She thought it was pretty funny when her ball got stuck and someone had to come down and rescue it.

It really was a great day and we had so much fun!!

Here she is helping my friend's daughter bowl. She started doing this after she was too tired to bowl for herself.

This picture just cracks me up. It is my friend helping Asha bowl. I just thought it was too funny to pass up.
If you want a good laugh take your kids bowling. It is great fun!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sweetest Girl

I have got the sweetest most loving girl in the whole wide world. She has such a big heart and she is so full of emotion and love it just amazes me.

We walk in the door to her day care every morning and all the teachers she passes she has to tell them she loves them. Her 2 regular teachers adore her and I think truly do love her. When I had to call them on Thursday morning to let them know that she would not be coming to school because she was sick they were so worried for her and told me to give her big hugs from them.
We walk through the stores and she talks to everyone. She says hi and then will strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen to her babble. I have been trying to instill a little stranger danger into her but it is not working. She knows what a stranger is and she is getting a little better about who she talks to but she is just so loving and so friendly that she just can't understand how people could be mean. When kids at school are mean to her she just does not get it. She comes home asking why certain kids do and say certain things and she just doesn't understand why they would want to be mean. It is sad to hear the way some of these kids act.
It is just not in my girl to be mean to others which makes me a very happy momma that she wants to be nice to everyone I just hope that she doesn't get hurt in the process. She is so nice to all of her friends at school but some just are not nice in return. I thinks she tries even harder to be nice to them which puts her in the way of more meanness. I have told her to stay away from the mean kids but she thinks that they will eventually be nice to her I guess.
Today at the end of the day she walked around the class room and gave all the kids who were left hugs. She could not leave without hugging them. She felt so bad last Wednesday when she left school and had not hugged her friends. Her little heart is so big and so full of love. She makes me so proud.

Here she is with all of her loot from Valentines Day at school. She really made out. We had a ton of candy.

Here she's having a tea party picnic with the bear I got her for Valetine's Day. She loves to have tea parties.

Her cheeks look so pudgy in this picture I love it. I tell her that her cheeks are like soft pillows for my lips. She laughs and then squishes my pudgy cheeks.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Going Good

It's all going really well here. Been really busy and Asha and I have both been battling colds for a while now. That's the bad part about day care is all the stuff that gets passed around. Luckily Asha has missed most of it and just has this cold that won't go away but I'm thankful it hasn't been croup, pink eye or strep like all the other kids seem to be getting.

My job is going great and it really is my dream job. I have been trying to find a job like this for probably 10 years now and it just kind of fell in my lap. I truly feel blessed to have it and have no intentions of ever leaving.

Asha is doing amazingly well. She has been pretty emotional lately and not wanting mommy to leave her at school but other than that she is doing awesome. She has been bumped up to developmental in gymnastics which means that she is doing more gymnastics things such as bars, balance beams, hand stands, etc....

We are both anxiously waiting for spring/summer so we can get outside and have fun. She is already talking about wanting to have picnics when it gets warmer. We are having fun with the winter yet though. Last weekend I took her ice skating for the very first time this winter and then she did a little sledding on the big snow pile in front of our house. We also do the open gym on Saturdays for her gymnastics and with that you can use any of the equipment for 2 hours so we really have fun doing that when it's too cold to be outside.

I will be signing her up for 4K this week. I can't believe she is going to be 4 next month and old enough to start going to school in the Fall. She's a little worried about it and I'm not sure where I'm going to have her go yet but I'm sure it will all work out.

I am excited for her birthday. I took the day off since her birthday is on a Friday and I have promised to take her to get her ears pierced. I am a little scared but she has been begging since before Christmas so I figured I would take her and hopefully I won't regret it. Not sure if we will have her party on her birthday or on Saturday but I am also going to get her a bike. It will be her first bike and I'm so excited for that. Up until now she has been riding her trike and I really think she will love a regular little bike with training wheeels. I can't wait to see her face when she gets it.

Well here are some new pictures of our fun in the last month or so.

Here she is coloring snow green. I put food color and water in a spray bottle and let her go to town. She loves it. Her new favorite thing is to color ice chunks different colors. It actually looks pretty cool.

This was from open gymn. This thing helps her to learn how to flip backwards and to get her used to the feel of it. She loved this and did it most of the time we were there.

One thing they work with her on in developmental is being able to straighten her arms and hold herself up while working on the bars. That's what she's doing here and she's getting really good at it.

Queen of the mountain. We have a pretty good sized snow pile in front of our house but the center is like a big bowl and she loves to go and play in there. This is the pile she was sledding down but the snow was pretty hard and she couldn't go to far but she had fun anyway.

She decided to go sledding with out the sled.
Here she is skating all by herself. She was so proud of herself and wouldn't let me even try to help her once I let go. She was all laughing and giggling. It was so cute!!

Look at that triumphant little face. She was so proud. Shortly after this picture she did fall on her butt and that was the end of her solo skating. She held on to me and wouldn't let go for nothing. LOL

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 08

We had a great 2 days as far as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went. It was so nice have Asha's grandma, papa and Aunt here to celebrate with us. They are my ex inlaws and it was very nice that they agreed to come for Christmas Eve. I still consider them family. They have been my family for 12 years and you can't just shut that off.

Christmas Eve
I had to work half a day so Asha went up by her grandma and papa for the morning. She had to wear her pretty red dress all day. When I was done working we came back home and she talked me into each of us opening one present. I opened the one from her that she made at school and all by herself she picked the present from her birthmom to open. It was a children's bible and she exclaimed "It's just what I've always wanted!!" It was sooo cute!!
When everyone got here we had my famous Manicotti, Garlic Bread, and Steamed veggies for supper. Asha was so excited she could barely eat. She was the only one who got presents so she just went to town one right after another. Took me 2 hours to wrap and about 13 minutes for her to unwrap. She loved everything though.
Christmas Day
We had our traditional home made Waffles with Strawberries and Kool whip for breakfast. A friend of mine that Asha adores came over to have breakfast with us and then stayed and played with us for a while. The rest of the day Asha just played with all her new toys and mommy got to relax a little.
It was a really nice week and all went smoothly.

It's not the best picture but this is from Asha's Christmas program. They were trees and sand Rockin Around the Christmas tree.

Here she is as one of the 6 cows for the 12 Days of Christmas in WI.

Asha decorating cookies for Santa. She insisted on cookies for Santa after seeing the Betty Crocker commercial where the little boy gets mad because his dad eats the cookies for santa.

Here she is in her Christmas dress. I had to put it on her right away Christmas Eve morning and she wore it all day.

Here's me and my girl in front our our beautiful tree on Christmas Eve.

It took me 2 hours to wrap her presents and took her 15 minutes to unwrap them. She loved everything though and was very happy.

Here she is Christmas morning with the Princess phone from Santa.

We had a GREAT Christmas and we hope you all did as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Response to Comment & Update

Min~ It's just true happiness. I have seriously never been this happy in my whole life. I have a great job and AMAZING daughter and I'm making some great friends. I have so much fun and I'm just enjoying life. I spent so many years literally wishing it would all just end because I was so miserable and those thoughts just don't even come up anymore. I find myself smiling for no reason and realize that I'm just happy. It was hard at first when he left but it was so worth it. If I knew that life could be so good without him I would have left years ago.

Asha's Christmas program was amazing. It was the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen. Her class did Rockin Around the Christmas Tree and they did an amazing job singing and dancing to it. Then the whole daycare/school did the 12 Days of Christmas in WI and the lyrics were hilarious. Everyone was cracking up. Asha was one of the 6 cows and they had deer hunters, Cheese heads, Badgers playing football it was all just really funny. I do have pictures that I have not gotten off of my camera yet but when I do I will post them.

Asha really wants to go to North Carolina. Her birthmom has just moved there so now Asha thinks we need to go visit and see where they live. We got Christmas presents in the mail today from her birthmom and the most beautiful Christmas card with their family picture on it. They are a beautiful little family and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Have a great Christmas everyone and I will post the holiday pictures probably on Christmas day.