Monday, August 28, 2006

First Time Sleeping Away From Home

On Thursday we were supposed to meet a few ladies from one of the adoption groups I'm a part of at the zoo but things happened and we didn't meet up. The kids and I still had fun at the zoo. We did get rained out half way through the day but did see most of the zoo.

The biggest part of that day for Asha is that she slept away from home for the very first time since we brought her home and she LOVED it. My husband works out of town most of the week but we are allowed to stay with him if we want in the hotel and he just happened to be working in the town that the zoo was in so we crashed with him at his hotel. Asha was so excited and hyper we couldn't keep her quiet. She kept screaming and laughing. I never thought we would get her to sleep especially since she has never really slept or played in her pack n play. She went down without much of a problem and slept better in her pack n play than she does at home in her crib.

I am also very excited because I may be signing her up for a gymnastics class. We have to wait for the late fall class though because she has to be 18 months and won't turn that until next month and the first fall class will already be started. I am soooo excited. She is such a little dare devil and monkey she climbs on EVERYTHING!!! She has great balance too so I really think gynmastics will be right up her alley.

I will have to post pictures of the zoo later. I haven't uploaded them to the computer yet.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What A Day!!

Love this little girl to death but boy did she give me a hard time today. Actually she's been giving me a hard time this week. She hasn't had much of an appetite when normally she will eat ANYTHING that is put in front of her. Her not so nice way of telling me she doesn't want to eat has been to either throw the food on the floor or throw her fork on the table or floor. She normally does so well but she obviously doesn't have much of an appetite this week. When I can actually get her to eat she won't use her fork or she will stab the food and then take it off with her fingers and eat it that way. I sure hope this is a phase because she has been so difficult this week.

She is only 16 months old but some days I think we are going through the terrible 2's already. She has also been biting and hitting which I had her broken of and all of a sudden she's doing it again.

It's so hard to punish her though because when I yell at her for hitting or biting she puts her head on my leg and say "ove" which is how she says love. It melts my heart and I pick her up and tell her I love her too.

It's been harder lately to deal with because my husband is out of town for almost the last 2 months training for a new job so I am flying solo. This may be part of the problem with the biting and hitting as well but it's so much easier when there is someone else here to help out. I am so beat by the end of the day that I usually don't even have the energy to check e-mail or update this blog. I don't know how single parents do it.

My Beautiful Girl

I love this little girl so much!!! She brings so much joy to every day!! I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my whole life. She is silly and happy pretty much all the time. She loves to make us laugh and we love to laugh for her.

This past Saturday we had a wedding and she was the life of the party. During the prayer before we ate she started clapping and saying "YEAH" right at the right moment and everyone started to laugh and then during all the toasts she did the same thing. Someone at another table said "I love that little girl she says yeah right at the right time every time!!" It was so funny and cute!! Later she was out there on the dance floor just dancing like there was no tomorrow. Oh yeah she was also chasing the little boys. She makes everything so much more fun and enjoyable.

I can't even say how much I admire her birth mom for making the hard choice to make an adoption plan and pick us to raise her. I know how incredibly hard it was for her and how much she loves Asha but still knew in herself that raising her was something she just could not do at that point in her life. Asha's birth mom is so strong and we love her so much!! She has give us the most wonderful gift ever and we will forever hold her close to our hearts!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Circus, Circus

Today was Asha's first trip to the circus and she loved it!! Her favorite part was the elephant at the end. She was screaming and clapping so loud that people were looking at us. I didn't think she would really watch the whole thing but she did. She watched every single act and would even clap when the clown told the crowd to. She was pretty astonished by it all and I'm so happy that she liked it.

When we got home she even tried to do a back bend like the contortionist. She tried 3 times to bend backwards as far as she could. I just laughed at her and she would stand straight up and laugh too.

They had elephant rides and pony rides as well but they were waaaay too expensive to even think about putting her on. I don't think she would have stayed on the elephant anyways and I'm afraid of heights so it wasn't a good idea.

She tried cotton candy for the first time and didn't like it when it was all fluffy and fuzzy looking but if I balled it up she would eat it. I thought she would go crazy over it but my little girl prefers chocolate to most any other candy.

The best part about the circus was it was a real circus. It was outside under a tent and had all the circus smells. The town about 1/2 an hour from here has a circus in a gymnasium every year and it just doesn't feel like a circus that's why we don't go. This was a real circus and it was great.

I'm so happy we went and that it was so fun!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Beach Time

We took Asha to the beach a few days ago and she finally went in the water. We had bought her a pool and been to the beach a few times before but as soon as her little butt gets wet she is screaming and wants out. Fortunately we've had some REALLY hot weather lately so the lake was more like a bath and she loves to take baths. She even went on the inner tube with daddy for a while.

That's one thing I love about having a baby/toddler in the house again is that they make you appreciate the little things. The beach just used to seem so ordinary but now through her eyes everything seems so amazing. Rocks are cool again and so are shells where before I would be annoyed at stepping on them. I love it!!!

I am also excited about Tuesday because it will be her first trip to the circus. Our little town is having it's very first circus and I can't wait for her to see the clowns and elephants. I LOVE firsts!! I think I get more excited than the kids.