Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Movie

Well it wasn't a complete bust but Asha only lasted about an hour. That was pretty good though considering it was only a 90 minute movie.

I took her to see Madagascar 2 and I didn't think it was that great but I never saw the first one either. She is so into animals I figured she would like it but she had more fun prior to the movie watching all the people come in and playing with the folding seats. She kept getting folded into her seat so I had to stuff our jackets into the crack for her to sit on. She looked like a queen sitting on her throne with her bucket of popcorn. I wish I would have had my camera because it was cute.

She talked about it for 2 days and told everyone at school what she did so she must have had fun. I am planning on taking her more this winter so hopefully I will find a movie she wants to sit through. I think she was more excited about the popcorn than anything else. She wouldn't even let me hold it because it was her popcorn. It was all about the popcorn for her. She is just too funny.

I have Parent Teacher Conferences for her this coming week and I'm sure she will be doing great. All the teachers at school love her and now that I am working full time she is going to a friends twice a week to play with her daughter instead of to school/day care and all the teachers hate it. They all tell me it's just not right that 2 days a week she doesn't come running into the classroom and hug them. They miss her and I think that's so sweet. I know I made a good choice when I picked that place.

Well we are off to do some Christmas shopping today. She was supposed to be at her dad's this weekend but he called and said he thought he was getting sick so she is with me. I don't want her getting sick and I can't miss any work if she does. I AM FINALLY GETTING TRAINED AT WORK NEXT WEEK!!! I have been there 3 weeks and still don't know my job so now that I am finally getting trained I can't miss any work. We may actually be working some over time so sending her to his house to get sick would not be an option. We will have fun today though we always do.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Halloween & Updates

I'm getting a little better about posting. It's not months between each post now. I am trying. LOL

Halloween was so much fun this year. Last year Asha got spooked right away and that was the end of trick or treating but this year she did awesome. There weren't too many scary costumes so that helped plus we knew which houses to stay away from this year that were scaring the kids.

Asha was a clown but a cute clown. I got her costume from a church yard sale. It looks home made but it was so cute I couldn't pass it up. She got to wear her costume 2 days in a row which made her very happy. She wore it trick or treating and then got to wear it at her dad's house the next day as well.

She was really upset when it was time to stop even though she was so tired she could barely walk anymore. We went with some friends and me and my friend took turns carrying her because she didn't want to go in her stroller. I'm sure next year will be even more fun!! I can't wait.

I had to redo her make up a few times because she kept touching and smearing her hearts. By the end of the night the hearts did not look like hearts. She was still cute though. I also found her hair at a dollar store. I thought that worked better than the little hat that she was supposed to wear. It was too small for her head with all her beads in her hair.

Here she is right before we started trick or treating. My friends daughter is standing behind her and she is a witch. Her face paint was green and it almost ended up being permanent. By the time I got there they had tried to wash it off and her face was still really green. It was funny but she was so scared her face would be green forever. She's fine now but it took alot of Mary Kay product to get it off.

Update on me. I started my new job 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting to be trained on my actual job. They have me putting invoices together and stapling them. Not my idea of fun but I hope to be trained soon.

I went out Halloween weekend with some friends since Asha was with her dad and had an AWESOME time. It's been sooo many years since I actually had fun when I went out to the bars. It's been just as many years since I actually drank when we went out. My friend had gone out the night before and wasn't in the mood to drink so she was the designated driver which left me free to have fun and drink and I did both.

I am thinking about taking Asha to her first movie at the movie theater today. Not sure how she will do but I'm going to try. I had to work over time yesterday so part of our Saturday together was shortened thanks to that so I want to do something special with her today. I hope she likes it and does well because we get discounted movie tickets through my work so if she does we can go more often.

I may also be biased but I think Asha is an amazing little budding artist. These are her people that she likes to draw. I call them her little aliens but they are just so darn cute I had to take a picture.

Well I need to go and make us some home made french toast with strawberries for breakfast and get my girl in the tub.