Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 08

We had a great 2 days as far as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went. It was so nice have Asha's grandma, papa and Aunt here to celebrate with us. They are my ex inlaws and it was very nice that they agreed to come for Christmas Eve. I still consider them family. They have been my family for 12 years and you can't just shut that off.

Christmas Eve
I had to work half a day so Asha went up by her grandma and papa for the morning. She had to wear her pretty red dress all day. When I was done working we came back home and she talked me into each of us opening one present. I opened the one from her that she made at school and all by herself she picked the present from her birthmom to open. It was a children's bible and she exclaimed "It's just what I've always wanted!!" It was sooo cute!!
When everyone got here we had my famous Manicotti, Garlic Bread, and Steamed veggies for supper. Asha was so excited she could barely eat. She was the only one who got presents so she just went to town one right after another. Took me 2 hours to wrap and about 13 minutes for her to unwrap. She loved everything though.
Christmas Day
We had our traditional home made Waffles with Strawberries and Kool whip for breakfast. A friend of mine that Asha adores came over to have breakfast with us and then stayed and played with us for a while. The rest of the day Asha just played with all her new toys and mommy got to relax a little.
It was a really nice week and all went smoothly.

It's not the best picture but this is from Asha's Christmas program. They were trees and sand Rockin Around the Christmas tree.

Here she is as one of the 6 cows for the 12 Days of Christmas in WI.

Asha decorating cookies for Santa. She insisted on cookies for Santa after seeing the Betty Crocker commercial where the little boy gets mad because his dad eats the cookies for santa.

Here she is in her Christmas dress. I had to put it on her right away Christmas Eve morning and she wore it all day.

Here's me and my girl in front our our beautiful tree on Christmas Eve.

It took me 2 hours to wrap her presents and took her 15 minutes to unwrap them. She loved everything though and was very happy.

Here she is Christmas morning with the Princess phone from Santa.

We had a GREAT Christmas and we hope you all did as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Response to Comment & Update

Min~ It's just true happiness. I have seriously never been this happy in my whole life. I have a great job and AMAZING daughter and I'm making some great friends. I have so much fun and I'm just enjoying life. I spent so many years literally wishing it would all just end because I was so miserable and those thoughts just don't even come up anymore. I find myself smiling for no reason and realize that I'm just happy. It was hard at first when he left but it was so worth it. If I knew that life could be so good without him I would have left years ago.

Asha's Christmas program was amazing. It was the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen. Her class did Rockin Around the Christmas Tree and they did an amazing job singing and dancing to it. Then the whole daycare/school did the 12 Days of Christmas in WI and the lyrics were hilarious. Everyone was cracking up. Asha was one of the 6 cows and they had deer hunters, Cheese heads, Badgers playing football it was all just really funny. I do have pictures that I have not gotten off of my camera yet but when I do I will post them.

Asha really wants to go to North Carolina. Her birthmom has just moved there so now Asha thinks we need to go visit and see where they live. We got Christmas presents in the mail today from her birthmom and the most beautiful Christmas card with their family picture on it. They are a beautiful little family and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Have a great Christmas everyone and I will post the holiday pictures probably on Christmas day.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mostly Pictures

Here's my little monkey hanging from her bar. This indoor bar/swing was the best thing we ever bought her. She gets alot of use out of both.

She is still into dresses and not real happy about having to do the layered look with her dresses. As soon as we get home the leggings under her dress come off.

Here she is all dressed up for Thanksgiving. She dressed herself. She had been wanting to wear this black dress forever but it was a hand me down from a friend and it was missing some bows in the front so I never put it on her. I figured since we weren't going anywhere on Thanksgiving that it would be ok for her to wear. She was also wearing her pink plastic dress up heals with the dress. She was very proud of her outfit.

Here she is with her stocking filled with goodies from Saint Nick. She came walking out of her room still sleepy and layed on the couch next to me and it took her about 10 minutes to realize that her stocking was full of stuff. She jumped up so fast and so excited to finally see something in there. She was ready to rip it off the wall if I didn't stop her.

Checking her santa mail. She loves this so much. She wants to check it multiple times a day just to see if he brought anything else.

All ready to go and see Santa at the Kid's and Santa party my work held. She was so excited to see Santa and she kept telling me that she was going to ask him for a Princess phone for Christmas. I already got that for her so she will be very happy with Santa.
The party was alot of fun. She was super excited to see Santa and did not want to wait her turn in line. She got to play games and they fed us a really good lunch that she inhaled.

Here she is with Santa. He was great and he complimented her hat which really made her happy because she wanted to show him her new hat so bad. She got a good size bag of toys/treats when she was done with Santa which made her pretty happy too. She didn't want to leave him though. She kind of stayed on his lap and I had to call to her to get her to come off his lap.

Me and my girl. I keep trying to get a good picture of us together and it's alot harder than it sounds. It takes atleast 15 to 20 tries to get a decent picture of the 2 of us together.

We decorated the tree today and it is the cutest little tree. I don't have alot of room in my living for a tree so I had to get a small one but I love it. Asha pretty much did all the ornaments and I helped. She loves to help and is so proud of herself that she decorated the tree.
My work Christmas party was more fun than I thought it would be. I made some friends who actually work in my building one floor down so that will be nice to see friendly faces that I know now. The band they hired was great and they are local. They are a pretty big hit around here. We stayed until about midnight. My new friends wanted us to go out with them afterwards but I had lots to do today and knew if we went out that I would not be in any shape to decorate or do the Santa party. I did see some of them at the Santa party with their kids and one has a boy Asha's age who loves girls so they will get along great. We will probably get them together sometime to play.

Well my girl is begging me to play ants in the pants with her so I am off.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving & Stuff

Thanksgiving was pretty hard this year. Asha was crabby and throwing fits all day and I woke up with a migraine. If you ask Asha though it was a good day so that's all that matters. We made hand turkeys for place settings and she loved doing that and we sent one to her birth mom who absolutely loved it.

We decorated the day after Thanksgiving and I couldn't believe how much Asha loved it. I can't wait to do the tree this weekend because she can really help with that. She is in LOVE with her stocking that's hanging over the fireplace. Before I hung it she walked around hugging it and saying "Thank you so much mommy for buying me this soft fuzzy stocking........ can I wear it?!! LOL She cracks me up!!

I do something called Santa mail instead of an advent calendar to count down for Christmas. It's this cute little wooden mailbox with a picture of Santa on it that I bought. Every night Santa brings something and leaves it in the mailbox for her. Well Wed. at school they had Santa there and she was telling him about everything he had brought her so far and was thanking him for it. Poor guy was probably wondering what the heck she was talking about so I asked her what he said. Ho Ho Ho. LOL She is so excited about Santa mail that she tells everyone about it. She can't wait to check it every morning.

Well I am off to work. I finally got trained on some data entry so the weeks have been going alot faster. I can't believe it's Friday already but soooo happy that it is.

On deck for this weekend is my work Christmas party and then a Kids & Santa party at my work where Asha will get to see Santa again and play games. In between all that we have to get a tree and decorate it so I will try to post pictures of all that some time next week.

Have a great weekend!!