Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back From The Zoo!

This was the best picture we got of Asha at the zoo. It was so incredibly hot that day that none of us were smiling much. They even had cool mist areas that you could walk through and cool off. We went to the Minnesota Zoo and a good portion of it is indoors which was really nice but once you got outside it was packed and HOT!!
In this picture Asha is growling at the Sun Bear. She loves bears and she loves to growl at them. "AARRRRR" She sounds like a pirate when she growls it's funny.

We tried to take her to the dolphin show which I really thought she would like but as soon as the dolphins started splashing she was done. Daddy took her out about 5 minutes into the whole thing. I guess Sea World is out of the question, at least in the near future.

Asha did really like the hotel we stayed at. She always does so well when we sleep away from home. She loves to sleep in her pack n play and so it's a nice vacation for mom and dad as well. We put it in between the 2 beds so no one would hurt themselves trying to get to the bathroom at night and she would dive head first into it. She thought it was the best and funniest thing ever. She just kept throwing herself in and laughing.

In this pictures she is waiting ever so patient for daddy to get off of work. Daddy works away from home and one of the perks is that we get to stay with him out of town if we want. Since we showed up on a Thursday he still had to finish work.

In the background is her big brother Dakota. She loves him sooo much and he is such a good big brother. Someone at the dolphin show took one of her stuffed animals she HAS to bring with when we go places and he saw them so he walked up to them and told them that they had his sisters bear and asked for it back. They gave it to him and we were really impressed with him for that.

Asha impressed us alot at the hotel too. She has a little magna doodle that we take when we travel and daddy was drawing fish on it and showing her. She took it and started to draw and she drew a frog. It was a frog. She made the little dots for eyes and a line for the mouth and it really looked like a frog. She watches people very closely when they do things especially when we draw or write and she catches on very fast. Later she made a circle with 2 lines coming out of the top and 2 lines coming out of the bottom and she showed me and said "spider". It looked like a spider. She also did a pretty good job drawing fish after daddy did a few more.
This picture is our last day at the hotel and Dakota obviously is not happy about leaving daddy behind. We had lots of fun and it was nice to see daddy and get some time away from home to relax.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Busy Days!

We've been pretty busy around here. Trying to get the outside of the house to look like a home. We finally planted some Hostas and bought some flowers.

I like this picture of Asha in front of our hard work. We have more to plant but need to do some work to the ground first.

Asha is just getting to be so big and so smart. I love to hear her talk and the things she says make her sound years older than she is. She picks up on things rather quickly and suprises me with all the things she can say. She can count to 14 now and we are working on the alphabet and her favorite part of the alphabet is XYZ. She sings it over and over again. She can recognize the letter O and A in words which I think is really good.

We had put a chalkboard up in her room so I could write out the alphabet and start to teach her letters the same way I taught her brother but she doesn't like letters on her chalkboard only hearts and stars. She always wants me to draw hearts and stars and if I sneak any letters in there she erases them. Stinker she is!!

In this picture she is doing her newest thing. She likes to put her finger to her mouth and say "Hmmmm" like she's thinking really hard and then she'll put her hands out and say "I know" or "I don't know". It's the cutest thing.

I love this dress on her. She wore it today and I just could not stop taking pictures of her in it. She just looked so summery and pretty in it. I love summer because we get to see more of her beautiful skin. Her arms and legs are just so cute and we miss them when they are covered up all winter.

She also learned at a playdate we had how to bump fists. It's so cute when she comes up to you and says "fist" and bumps her little fist into our fists.

Potty training is not going well. She is very cooperative about sitting on the potty but still has not done anything on the potty. I thought we may have had some success today but nothing happened in the end. I'm not pushing it but just don't know how to figure out how to make her understand what needs to be done on the potty.

She is still doing great in her big girl bed. When she wakes up in the morning she stays in her bed until someone comes in to get her. For naps I only caught her once trying to get out and once I caught her she went right to sleep.

I can't wait to post pictures of her in her bikini. I can't wait until it's warm enough to go to the beach. We have one nice day and then a week of cold days lately.