Friday, May 18, 2007

We Did It!!

Asha has been in her big girl bed for almost a week now. We converted her crib into the toddler daybed and put a railing on so that she wouldn't fall out but could still get out on her own. It was time. She could get in her crib all by herself so it was only a matter of time until she figured out how to get out. She stays in when we lay her down for the night and she waits until we come in in the morning before she gets out. Now I know that eventually she will start getting up on her own in the morning but for now I'll enjoy her not running into our room and waking us up.

Still having problems on the Nuk front. She has been Nuk free for a few weeks now and the last few nights have been pretty hard on us. She will sleep good for about 4 hours and then she's up crying and whinning alot. The only thing that makes her stop is to have her cd of lullabies on. The problem with that is it's only a 1/2 hour cd so she's up shortly after it stops. It's been up and down all night for the last few days and then she's been getting up before 8 a.m. to top it off. No naps either so I'm pretty tired and don't know what to do. Suggestions????

We've been pretty busy lately with Asha's brother Dakota. He joined soccer this year and we've had it every Thursday night and Saturday morning. The above picture is Asha and Daddy at one of Dakota's soccer games. She did wonderfully at the games and would cheer for her big brother. It's so cute hearing her yell "Go Dakota, Kick It!!"

Now normally I don't have luck at yard sales but I hit the jackpot the other weekend at our town yard sale. I got the above shirt for Asha at a great price and I absolutely love it on her. She is just so darn cute in it and I can't wait until we have nice weather again so she can wear it. Of course daddy loves it because it's camo.

My girl is just so darn cute!! She says and does the funniest things. Today she gave her baby doll a time out since she (Asha) has been getting them so much this week. I just had to laugh. Also when the phone rings she'll run to where the phone is and yell "I get it!!". If I catch her doing something wrong and ask her what she's doing she'll say "Coming". She just speaks so well. She does know how to count to 14 now but I love it when she gets to 11 because it comes out "lemon". Along with all the time outs this week we have been having fun and I've been laughing so much at her. Her personality is just so bright like her and I feel so blessed to be her mommy.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cute Pictures

I found this cabbage patch doll at a yard sale and it's the nicest African American doll I've found. They just look so darn cute together. Asha loves to play dress up. My husband loves the clearance isle at Walmart because he finds all kinds of goofy hats for her to wear. She's not wearing one here because she was trying to be pretty but she's got some pretty old lady looking hats in her collection.

Asha has discoverd the joys of sidewalk chalk. She loves to color anyways but to be able to color outside and pretty much anywhere she wants is beyond fun to her. She has also discovered that sidewalk chalk shows up really good on her legs. I didn't get them in the picture but they are beautifully colored.Asha had her 2 year pictures done about a month ago and this is by far my favorite. We didn't even intend on getting any Sepia pictures but when she pulled this one up we just fell in love with it. It is just so precious.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I think my little girl is a vegetarian. The only thing that I can guarantee she will eat at every meal is her vegetables. She will eat any kind of vegetable but meat is hit and miss. Most the time it's a miss. She loves vegetables that most of us Northerners won't even touch or have never heard of. My husband grew up in the South and has introduced Asha to fried Okra, Mustard Greens, and Collard Greens. She loves asparagus, Homney, spinach, corn and salad. She goes nuts over salads.

We were at McDonalds today and I ordered her the traditional chicken nugget kids meal and she wouldn't touch them. All she wanted was her apple dippers and fries. What kid doesn't like McDonalds chicken nuggets?

She loves fruit too. She's always asking for apples and bananas. I am so happy that she eats healthy but she does need some meat in her diet doesn't she? She eats really good for the most part just not meat.

Toddler Bed~ I think we have decided to convert her bed into a toddler bed. She can now get into her bed by herself even if the railing is all the way up. She can't get out though so all day long she climbs in and then yells "Mama Stuck" so I have to get her out just so she can climb back in. She literally spent over an hour in her crib tonight just playing.

Here's a picture of my future basketball player. She loves basketball now after just playing for one day. She looks out her window and says "Basketball Hoop". She would put the ball over her head and look at her brother and say "help" and then when he would throw the ball and make a basket she would jump up and down like she made it. It was soooo cute!! She's got the height to be a basketball star. She is 90% for height. People don't believe me when I tell them she JUST turned 2. They think she's an older 2 or just 3. My girl is so big and growing so fast. I bought her sandals today and had to buy her a size 7 in toddlers. Last year she was a 4 or 5. Why do they have to grow so fast?

Here is my girl showing her sassy side. Daddy and mommy were talking and laughing about how silly she was being so she was pointing at us laughing at her silly self. We fenced in the backyard for her and she was loving running all over and antagonizing the neighbors dog who could only run to the end of her fence and Asha could go further so she would and that would make the dog whine for her to come back.

We are definately loving the outdoors and I should have plenty more outdoor pictures of her to share soon.