Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Fun!!

We had an amazing weekend a few weekends ago. We did everything Fall that I could fit into one weekend.

Friday night we went to the pumpkin patch and took a night time wagon ride through the woods. Asha sat on some really big pumpkins and picked out one pumpkin to carve. She got a little spooked by the guy dressed up like Spider Man. He actually jumped up on the roof of the building where they sold the pumpkins and he would jump on top of the soda machine and scare people as they walked by. Asha was happy to get on the wagon ride and get away from him.

This is Asha sitting on a big pumpkin. You could buy them but you would need a forklift to get it to your vehicle. They were about $50 for the big ones.

Here she is waiting for the wagon ride to start. She really did have alot of fun. She loved the wagon ride so much she wanted to go back the next day.

There was this big wagon full of pumpkins and Asha really wanted to sit on it so here she is.

Her sour face is from being scared of the Spider Man. She wouldn't look over by where he was, she was trying to pretend he wasn't there. She was fine once the wagon ride started.

The next day we went back to the pumpkin patch and this time we rode the wagon out to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin. This time she just wanted a small little pumpkin. Then we came home and I carved the pumpkins how she told me to carve them. We had one said one and one suprised one. While I carved she played in the leaves that the neighbor lady raked up at the bottom of the slide.

Sunday we went to church in my old town with some friends and then went to the town libraries 20th Anniversary celebration. That was alot of fun. They have this great kids singer named Tom Pease who sang there. He has been singing silly kids songs since I was Asha's age. He travels around the state doing shows at schools and he is just hilarious. We also took a walk by the river and played at the park. I don't have pictures of those things because I left my camera in the car after church. We walked every where that day because it was so beautiful.

She got her face painted at the pumpkin patch. The lady doing her face laughed because I soon as I pulled out the camera Asha says "Cheese"!! It was so funny.

This is the chosen pumpkin. I couldn't talk her into anything bigger.

Here she is playing in the leaf pile. She wouldn't even help me carve pumpkins because the leaves were more fun. She didn't want to touch the slimy stuff in the pumpkins anyway. LOL

Here are the finished products. She had her apron on to help carve pumpkins but she never even touched a seed.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Fall. I know some people are saying that summer went to fast but I am so enjoying Fall.

For those who are wondering I go to court tomorrow to finalize the divorce and I am perfectly fine with it. Don't worry about me because I'm excited about that and excited to be starting my new job/life on Thursday. I am making so many friends and having so much fun with life that I can't believe I ever settled for the life that I had for the last 11 years.


Rebeckah said...

I love the pictures : )! Delightful! I am so glad you are doing ok with everything that is going on. I am super glad you are enjoying this fall season. Isn't it the best?