Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Movie

Well it wasn't a complete bust but Asha only lasted about an hour. That was pretty good though considering it was only a 90 minute movie.

I took her to see Madagascar 2 and I didn't think it was that great but I never saw the first one either. She is so into animals I figured she would like it but she had more fun prior to the movie watching all the people come in and playing with the folding seats. She kept getting folded into her seat so I had to stuff our jackets into the crack for her to sit on. She looked like a queen sitting on her throne with her bucket of popcorn. I wish I would have had my camera because it was cute.

She talked about it for 2 days and told everyone at school what she did so she must have had fun. I am planning on taking her more this winter so hopefully I will find a movie she wants to sit through. I think she was more excited about the popcorn than anything else. She wouldn't even let me hold it because it was her popcorn. It was all about the popcorn for her. She is just too funny.

I have Parent Teacher Conferences for her this coming week and I'm sure she will be doing great. All the teachers at school love her and now that I am working full time she is going to a friends twice a week to play with her daughter instead of to school/day care and all the teachers hate it. They all tell me it's just not right that 2 days a week she doesn't come running into the classroom and hug them. They miss her and I think that's so sweet. I know I made a good choice when I picked that place.

Well we are off to do some Christmas shopping today. She was supposed to be at her dad's this weekend but he called and said he thought he was getting sick so she is with me. I don't want her getting sick and I can't miss any work if she does. I AM FINALLY GETTING TRAINED AT WORK NEXT WEEK!!! I have been there 3 weeks and still don't know my job so now that I am finally getting trained I can't miss any work. We may actually be working some over time so sending her to his house to get sick would not be an option. We will have fun today though we always do.


Life with Kaishon said...

I remember trying to take Kaish to the movies sometimes when he was little. He didn't really like it until he was 5. I am sure she did look adorable on that chair : ). I hope training is going well this week.

Deanna said...

The movies are a challenge and an acquired activity. FYI lots of theaters have booster seats in the lobby to prevent this problem. I had no idea until our 3rd trip now the kids just know to grab them and go inside. Glad to see things are going better :)

Min said...

Thanks for the tip, Deanna...I never knew that about booster seats!

Mandy, hope your training is going well this week.

Sorry I haven't been "around" lately. I've read, but haven't been commenting much anywhere lately.

Life with Kaishon said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mandy and Asha! Hope you are having a lovely day!