Monday, March 02, 2009

Sweetest Girl

I have got the sweetest most loving girl in the whole wide world. She has such a big heart and she is so full of emotion and love it just amazes me.

We walk in the door to her day care every morning and all the teachers she passes she has to tell them she loves them. Her 2 regular teachers adore her and I think truly do love her. When I had to call them on Thursday morning to let them know that she would not be coming to school because she was sick they were so worried for her and told me to give her big hugs from them.
We walk through the stores and she talks to everyone. She says hi and then will strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen to her babble. I have been trying to instill a little stranger danger into her but it is not working. She knows what a stranger is and she is getting a little better about who she talks to but she is just so loving and so friendly that she just can't understand how people could be mean. When kids at school are mean to her she just does not get it. She comes home asking why certain kids do and say certain things and she just doesn't understand why they would want to be mean. It is sad to hear the way some of these kids act.
It is just not in my girl to be mean to others which makes me a very happy momma that she wants to be nice to everyone I just hope that she doesn't get hurt in the process. She is so nice to all of her friends at school but some just are not nice in return. I thinks she tries even harder to be nice to them which puts her in the way of more meanness. I have told her to stay away from the mean kids but she thinks that they will eventually be nice to her I guess.
Today at the end of the day she walked around the class room and gave all the kids who were left hugs. She could not leave without hugging them. She felt so bad last Wednesday when she left school and had not hugged her friends. Her little heart is so big and so full of love. She makes me so proud.

Here she is with all of her loot from Valentines Day at school. She really made out. We had a ton of candy.

Here she's having a tea party picnic with the bear I got her for Valetine's Day. She loves to have tea parties.

Her cheeks look so pudgy in this picture I love it. I tell her that her cheeks are like soft pillows for my lips. She laughs and then squishes my pudgy cheeks.