Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Pics

Asha on her 4th birthday. She had an awesome birthday if I do say so myself.!!

I got extensions put in her hair for part of her birthday present and she also got her ears pierced. She loved her "new" hair as she called it!!

Attempted camping once this summer but was so cold and rainy don't even want to attempt it again this year. Did manage to get a fire started in the rain and made smores. lol

Asha at her daycare. They had a lunch on the lawn party for the kids who were moving up to antoher classroom.

This was taken Easter weekend with her "new" hair. She looks so much older with her hair like that but soooo beautiful!!

My girl all dressed up for Easter. Same as her birthday dress but she loved it and wanted to wear it again.

Took her to June Dairy Days again. She really loves all the free ice cream and animals.

I just love this pic it's so cute!! Took her to a zoo a friend told me about. It was pretty nice we had a good time.

This was taken with my cell phone at the zoo. I'm getting pretty good at getting myself in the pics too!! lol

This was Memorial weekend. We went to visit a friend and his family and had a really great weekend. They had an awesome cabin on a river. It was really beautiful.

Still Memorial weekend!! She loved my friend Tim and even convinced him to take her on his boat and to try and catch her a fish.

My work had a picnic and the clown did an amazing job painting Asha's face. I love this pic!! She even put glitter on her nose so it would sparkle like a wet puppies!!

We took a trip up to Duluth, MN a few weeks ago to visit a friend. We had an amazing weekend.

Waterfalls in Duluth. I love waterfalls!!

Looking for agates (rocks) at the beach in Duluth.

My girl stopping to smell the roses at that the rose gardens in Duluth.
This will be all for pics for awhile. Right after our Duluth trip I dropped my camera and broke it. Can't afford a new one for awhile so just using my cell phone which doesn't take the greatest pics.


Life with Kaishon said...

She is so adorable! I have never seen a bad picture of her! I love reading all about your adventures via your facebook snippets! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

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