Friday, September 08, 2006

Nothing in particular

I just absolutely love this picture of Asha. It shows her little personality so well. The more I have her around other kids the more I realize exactly what a little character she is and how fun she is. I babysit for a little boy who is only around adults except Asha every once in a while and he is such a serious little boy. She laughs and plays and gets all silly and he just looks at her like she's weird. We like to dance and be silly and he didn't even know how to dance until we taught him.

I just love this little girl so much!! We went to the local fair the other weekend and she went on the carosal and LOVED it so much she kept saying "ride" "ride" all night because she wanted to go back on. She's my little dare devil and when she gets old enough to ride bigger rides I'm sure she'll ride the scariest ones she can find.

The hardest part about being her mom is the not sleeping. I know by the time she's this age she should be sleeping through the night but I think she has nightmares. Not all the time but they go in spurts. She will be good for a few weeks and then we are back to getting up almost every hour because she's screaming in her sleep. She won't sleep with us because she thinks it's play time so we can't bring her to bed with us but we are constantly getting up to check on her and it's so hard!! Her and I have been sleeping until 10 or 10:30 every morning for the last few weeks because we are so exhausted from the nighttime.

Well I just thought I should post since I haven't in a while and I just had to share this picture of her.


Bek said...

What a great picture of your girl!! She is getting so big. :-)

How is it all going? Has the weather turned for you guys yet. Even here in CA it has the feel of fall in the air. :-)

LOVE the pictures (and yes, we get the eyelashes comment about 10 times a day. It is sickening. This picture is one of the few that really shows what they are like..most don't do it justice....)

Betina said...

Her B-mom came to visit? WOW! That is a story I would love to hear.

Both our children are adopted and we are (slowly) working on a 3rd adoption, this time international.