Friday, October 13, 2006

Feeling Pretty Bad!!

Feeling pretty bad right now. I was so frustrated and pretty much just stressed out and crabby all day because my little angel was being anything but that today. I was yelling at her a lot today and even gave her her first time out which didn't go real well so by night time I was exhausted and just feeling really bad about the whole day. What made me feel even worse and kind of better was when I put that little sweet heart to bed and she put that little head on my shoulders and then wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. I felt bad because I'd been crabby all day and yelling but happy that even though I was crabby and yelling my little girl still knows that I love her and could give her crabby old mom a hug!!!

Does anyone else feel like this? On a day to day basis it seems like there are more power struggles and more frustration and days ending with me feeling bad for all the no's and yelling.

Boy was I stupid when I was younger and thought being a parent would be easy. It is so hard and so trying most days. There are A LOT of good days but boy the bad ones seem to be really bad and those are the ones that leave me feeling like a rotten parent. Am I alone with this or am just one of many frustrated moms?


Syd said...

Oh Mandy, you are so not alone. Being a mom is SO hard. I was a nanny and really thought I was 'qualified' to be a parent. Wow, having the kids full time is so much harder. Especially if they don't sleep through the night (Jordan was sick all last week and up at LEAST once every night). And the 'two' years are rough. Really rough. Maddy started being two at about one and a half, and Jordan was just literally the sweetest boy ever and one day the light just switched. He turned into a terror. Really. In fact my friends didn't even believe me when I said that he was throwing huge tantrums. Until he threw a beaut in front of one of them, then she stuck up for me after that. He was horrible for about two months and then it left, now it comes and goes. But at the end of the day he still wanted a good cuddle with mom. At this age they are testing boundaries. They need them (like the time out) even if they act like they don't like it. So good for you. It's so hard. My hubby is really busy right now so I don't feel like I get a lot of help from him right now. I go to bed so tired a LOT!! I don't know that I have any great advice, except to keep up giving her boundries. And know you are not alone!! Hang in there. They can reason much better when they get older (not that Maddy doesn't have her moments too...). Huge HUGS!!

Bek said...

Me advice besides just keep on keeping on. I was amazed when you said you put her in time out for the first time.... wow.

cubby is in time out about 30 times a day. I remember this phase w/ Lulu. When it was BATTLE. I was battle weary. She will grow out of it...I promise. :-)

LOVE the hair pix and thank you for the hair advice. How old was Asha when her hair changed?

Mandy said...

Her hair hasn't really changed at all. It's always been longer on the top and the top is pretty soft. Where it's still trying to grow in is the sides and back and that's really dry and rough. Her birthmom said she was amazed at how curly Asha's hair is because her other daughters hair was never that curly. Asha doesn't really have an afro unless I pick it out. It's usually just very curly all over.