Thursday, October 26, 2006

What A Character I Have!!!

This is kind of Asha's Halloween costume. I had to try the wings on her to make sure they fit and she ended up wanting the whole thing on so of course I put it all on over her jammies. She was just so cute I had to take the picture. Halloween will be so much fun this year. Last year she just sat in the stroller and looked completely and totally bored. This year there will be lots of running up to doors and wanting CANDY!!! Once she figures out that's what they are putting in her bucket I'm sure she will be gung ho on the whole thing.

She is almost 19 months now (tomorrow) and has such a wonderful little personality on her. She makes me laugh daily and has FINALLY started to sleep through the night. I forgot how good it felt to actually sleep through the night.

As for her being a little character she certainly is. She likes to mimic or sometimes even mock us which makes us laugh so hard. I tend to groan and moan when I'm bending or picking her up so she will pick up her dolls and moan and groan like her mom. It's so funny!!! I also sigh when I'm frustrated or just having a bad day and she will look at me and sigh right back. Theeeeeeennnnnnn there's my husband who dropped a dirty diaper and the floor and proceeded to say SH** and guess who said it right after him ..... you guessed it our little mimick. You never know how many bad things you actually say until they come out of that sweet little mouth.

I also promised pictures of Asha with a different hair style so here it is. It's nothing fancy but it's different. I did just experiment with doing corn rows in a diagonal line on her head and they turned out ok. I still need to practice some more but I'm getting there.


Bek said...

She is adorable.

I saw your post at Tea Time. I wish there was something I could do. Sigh. How can I help?