Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Asha!!

Asha is 3 today. I can't believe that it's been 3 years already since we got the call that she was born. She was so tiny that her carseat looked like it swallowed her up. We had to buy preemie clothes for her and they were still too big. We called her our little Florida Peanut because she was just so small and would tuck her legs up which made her look even smaller.

We had a wonderful day. We went to visit this amazing day care center and she didn't even want to leave which is good since she may be going there starting Monday. Then we picked up her grandma and aunt so they could do lunch at McDonalds with us and then we got Asha her fish. She picked out the most expensive Betta fish there but it's really pretty. He is blue with beautiful fanned out tail/fins and she named him "Nemo". We saw some Nemo fish there that were REALLY expensive and she really wanted them so she named her fish Nemo instead of getting the actual thing.

She is sleeping now on the couch from her busy birthday day. We are going to have her favorite pizza for supper and then her birthday party is tomorrow so I will post pictures then. I got her the cutest birthday outfit.

The time just goes so darn fast.