Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me & I'm Sorry!!

Sorry for the bummer post last Friday. I was feeling lonely but I am back to being happy. I just have my moments and it helps to blog about it.

I actually feel VERY blessed. I wasn't expecting my birthday to be much of anything this year since my husband was the one to always do something for me but it is turning out to be a really good few days. My birthday is on Saturday but Friday I am taking my stepson Dakota and Asha out to eat with me to my favorite Chinese restaurant with birthday cake after at my in-laws house plus I have a job interview that day. Then on Saturday on my actual birthday I am going to meet up with the friend that we are going to Florida with and she got us tickets to the play her husband is in and we are going out to eat prior to the play and then OF COURSE don't forget that I get to spend a week in Florida!!!!!!!

This is looking to be my best birthday EVER!! So when I get down and do posts like I did on Friday it's just a moment I'm having and thankfully I can get back to being happy and enjoying Asha because I really am blessed!!!

I will post pictures of Asha later tonight this is of course her blog!! LOL


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Don't apologize for a sad post, you are entitled to feel sad, it is just hard to know what to say when someone is having a bad time. Happy Birthday and it sounds like a great time...Grieving requires sad times, that is how we get through it and able to get to the other side.


Angel said...

Don't be a bit sorry. Of course this is an emotional time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so glad it is panning out to be a good one. Hugs, Angel

Mindy said...

I'm so glad you're going to have a great birthday! It's great that you have all of those fun plans!

It wouldn't be normal if you weren't bummed once in a while. No apologies needed!

Love you,