Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Growing up soooooooooooo fast!!

My little girl is growing up so fast. Almost every day she does something that makes me think Wow is she really old enough to be doing that already?

She can pretty much dress herself and almost always puts her pants and underwear on the right way. She is pretty good with getting the shoes on but sometimes they land on the wrong feet. She is getting better though.

She will even go in the bathroom all by herself and put the potty insert on the big potty and do her business and then wipe and wash her hands without me even saying anything.

She has also started to help me set the table for supper which she loves to do. She gets the napkins out for us and if I forget to ask her she will go and do it by herself. She will even go in the fridge and get herself something to drink if she already has a glass in there.

It's just so hard to believe that a month ago she couldn't do some of these things and then all of a sudden she is acting so big.

She even talks older. Some of the things that come out of her mouth just shock me. She realizes now that if she gets hurt or does something that could hurt her that mommy will get sad if Asha gets hurt. She will tell me this when she thinks she's doing something that is dangerous. "If I fall and get hurt it will make mommy sad." She will then stop what she is doing and do something safer. She is just so amazing.

Here are some more pictures:

She just looks so grown up sometimes.

First time this spring blowing bubbles. We've finally had some nice days so we could get outside and do something like this.

Here she is playing in her sand table for the first time this spring as well. I miss having a fence around the yard because she spends more time running away than actually playing.

I've been a little depressed this weekend. I have the opportunity to go full time at work and I might actually have to do it. With all the gas I am spending taking Asha to her dad's and picking her up every other weekend I just can't afford to work part time. I love having the afternoons with Asha and being able to still have playdates with her friends but it looks like those are going to have to end. I really didn't want to work full time until she was in school but the gas is killing me and that's not going to get better any time soon.

I am really going to miss spending time with her and the 3 or so hours after work just isn't enough time with her. It hurts that I may have to go full time. I love to spend time with her and it's making me pretty sad that I even have to consider working full time.


Mindy said...

This is probably totally not my business, but can't Asha's dad drive to get her and bring her home? Sorry to butt in. I just hate to see you reaping yet more consequences of his decisions...

Love you. I'll be praying for you about the job situation. Maybe God will present another way around it.


Mindy said...

I totally forgot to tell you how beautiful the pics are in this post. She's getting to be such a grown up girl!

Mandy said...

Her dad has moved about 4 hours away and I only drive about 1 1/2 hours to meet him. He won't help out with gas or anything because he actually thinks I should be driving further so it's more fair. I think he's lucky I drive as far as I do especially with the gas prices. It's actually not fair to me or Asha at all. He chooses to move so far away and her and I have to suffer for it. She spends 4 hours in a car one way just to see him and I have to spend 6 hours a weekend and gas. Yes I am reaping more of the consequences thanks to him and it truthfully really sucks.

Mindy said...

Ugh. That's all I can say about him right now. I'm sorry about this for your sake. I'd be tempted to suggest that he shouldn't get to see her that often, except that Asha probably needs to see her dad, huh? That's a hard one. What do his parents think of him in all of this? You're still close with them, right?

Again, not my business, but I worry for you.

Love ya,

L L said...

I am so sorry to hear that ex husband is being a pain about the drive. You are in my prayers and hoping that the Lord will come up with some plan that will allow you to continue the part time job...but if you have to take the full time position, may it be a short stint. Asha is a cutie. I love hearing about how she is growing and learning so much.