Saturday, May 03, 2008

Gymnastics Natural!!

I must brag about my girl!! She is a natural at gymnastics if I haven't said it before. She is in a new class with 4 and 5 year olds who have been doing this for a few years already and she is keeping up if not doing better than some of them. Monday at her class the coach kept coming off the floor to tell me how awesome she was doing and how impressed she was with Asha. Makes a mamma's heart proud.

Asha really is amazing out there. She just turned 3 which is when you can usually just start them out and she's only been doing it for 6 months and is just as good if not better than the older girls. She is awesome at the balance beam and not just when it's laying flat. The coach will make little obsticle courses with the balance beams placing one end on top of another so they are angled and Asha can do it and not fall off. The other girls fall off and mess around and Asha is serious and doing her best to not fall off. I am just so impressed by her.

On another note she is growing like a weed. The girl eats from sun up to sun down and I can't keep up with buying her pants that fit. My mother in law and I are going to a town wide rummage sale today so I can stock up on pants for her for the rest of spring and hopefully for next winter since she just doesn't seem to ever stop growing. My girl is all legs. She has these long beautiful legs and my mother in law wants me to get her in dance classes but she has so much fun in gymnastics and dance classes aren't in the budget right now but I bet she would be a beautiful dancer with her legs.

Well enough bragging I just had to put some good news out there. It's been a rough few weeks around here with her rages and tantrums so I just wanted to focus on how wonderful she is too.

Have a great weekend everyone and I promise pictures are coming. She's had a cold and not up to posing for me again. I'm working on it though.


Mindy said...

That's so cool that she's doing so well! You might have an Olympic hopeful on your hands! *smile*

Sorry to hear she's still struggling with the tantrums, but I'm sure it will pass with time. Praying for you both. I hope she feels better soon!


Rebeckah said...

That is awesome that she loves it so much and she is so good at it! I know just what you mean about clothes. I was NOT happy to find out that all of our summer clothes from last year are WAY TO SMALL! Who wants to spend money on play clothes? Hope your rummage sale hunt was fantastic! I am praying for you.

Pep said...

Brag away! You have good reasons! :-)

I've missed you!


Muskie Mom said...

Wow--you've got a little gymnast on your hands! Brag all you want.

L L said...

Just the other day I thought Of Asha and wondered how her gymnastics was going. She has such talent. Brag. brag away!

mayhem said...

Go, Asha!

It's fun to watch kids discover the things that they are good at and enjoy!