Sunday, June 08, 2008

Air Show and Updates!!

I'm sorry I forgot to update you all on my job situaton. The week after Memorial day I started my new schedule at work. My boss came up with an even better work schedule than I did. I now work Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm. It is an awesome schedule. I still have 2 days a week that I get off early so Asha and I can go and do a picnic, swimming or a park before we have to do supper and night time routine. PLUS I get to keep my insurance and I don't even think I'll have to pay a premium. Asha is also at daycare more so they cover more of the daycare so it turned out really well. She is adjusting to being there longer so fast and really likes that I pick her up outside on my longer days. She gets to play on the playground in the afternoon now and she loves it. That's how she figures out when I'm going to pick her up that day. She asks "Are you picking me up outside or at nap?" She is just so smart.
Last weekend we went to an airshow since her dad didn't pick her up. He took her this weekend since he had to come and move his son down by him. If Asha would have gone last weekend it would have been a month that she hadn't seen her brother and I want them to stay close.
The airshow was pretty fun. Asha didn't really have any interest in getting out to of the stroller until we got by the army vehicles. We went with a friend of mine and her son who is a year older than Asha so when he got out of his stroller to sit in the army vehicles Asha wanted to as well. She is just so happy riding along in her stroller that she could seriously do it all day. She throws a huge fit when we are taking a walk and I start back down our road because she just likes to ride so much.
Well here are the pictures from the airshow and some random ones from the week.

I LOVE my camrea. This is so much better quality than my old camera. The sad part though is that I wanted a better camera for taking pictures of Dakota at his sports. I could have gotten some awesome football pictures of him with this camera.

Asha sitting in an Army jeep. I think it's an Army jeep. I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wrong.

Close up of Asha in an Army jeep. She had alot of fun.

Asha's new favorite pass time. I found a Winnie The Pooh game that we had for Dakota when he was little and I put it in for her and she LOVES it. She asks to play all the time. The problem is that she clicks all over the screen and the other day she had it in some strange language that I couldn't figure out. I'm going to look into getting her some more games. She has so much fun.

There baaaaaack!! LOL She dug the pink boots out of her closet the other day and wore them a few days in a row. I think they are starting to get a little small so I should hide them when she is gone. I did see some cute ones at Walmart the other day but might wait until Fall to get her some.

Here she is just being silly. She likes to wear her pants and shorts on her head for some reason. I plan on taking her to an African World Festival in August and they have the African head wraps there I think I will buy her one.

I did get her 3 year picture done and I will scan and post that soon. I'm not going to post the one of the 2 of us because it didn't turn out very well. We are both making faces. I bought it just to have one of us together but it's not that great.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I get to go and pick Asha up in a few hours. I did talk to her on the phone yesterday and she did ask to come home but I'm sure she was having fun.


Mindy said...

That's great news about your work schedule!

The airshow looks like it was fun.

Love the idea of the AFrican World Festival...where/when is it?

Hugs, Mandy! Seems like you're upbeat and doing well.

Love ya,

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Hey Mandy,

We were at the Air Show too!! Sorry we didn't see you, but there was a lot of people there. Tuks loved the show, she is so into planes!!

Loved the pictures!! I am off for the summer and after the 24th of June maybe we can get together!!


how about one day at riverfront rendevous??

mayhem said...

Holy cow is your little girl beautiful! Not that you didn't know that!

Glad your schedule is working out.

Mandy said...

Aves that would be GREAT!! I do have your name from Michelle and I will try to give you a call maybe next weekend to set something up.

Mindy~ African World Festival is in WI the first weekend of August.

Mayhem~ Thanks I do hear all the time how cute she is. Suprisingly I hear it ALOT from guys. It's funny to watch guys gush over her.