Saturday, June 21, 2008

June Dairy Days & Pictures

June Dairy Days was fun but VERY dusty. With all the rain we've been having I wouldn't have thought there would be that much dust flying around but Asha and I both needed baths by the time we got home.

Asha got to pet and feed a baby cow. They had a mamma horse and a baby horse for the kids to pet, some ducks, some sheep and a bunny. Asha loved it and really had alot of fun. They had free ice cream all over so she had a rootbeer float and then Culvers was there making free sundaes so she had some of those as well. She kept saying she was having an "ice cream picnic". It was so cute!!

She really liked feeding the baby cow. I couldn't get her to let other kids in to feed the cow because she wanted to stay there. They also had someone playing Polka music and she loved it. She kept stopping and dancing every time she would hear them.

It is finally staying nice here and not raining so much so we've been able to play outside more. We are still having some behavior problems so we only go outside if she is behaving but for the most part she's been great. She loves school and they have Sprinkler Days where the kids can bring their swimsuits and play int he sprinklers. Some days she does it some days she doesn't. She is kind of picky about water so it's hit and miss with that.

Well here are some pictures from June Dairy Days and just some random pictures.

Here's Asha eating her rootbeer float.

Here she is feeding her favorite baby cow. He was so sweet.

Here she has climbed up on the railing to try and pet the sheep. It was hard to get alot of good pictures because there were so many kids trying to push their way to the animals.

Her new favorite obsession is her pink footy pajamas. She found them in her drawer a few days ago and put them on and hasn't really wanted to take them off since. As soon as we get home from school/work she puts them on. It's a struggle to even get her dressed in the morning because she wants to wear them EVERYWHERE!!

We are enjoying our summer so far and we're looking to the 4th of July. I did her hair in red, white and blue beads last night and I will eventually get a picture of that up.

She is with her dad right now that's why I have time to blog. I will keep trying to update as much as I can. Being a single parent is a pretty busy job and she is still pretty clingy when we are together so it makes it hard to blog when she's trying to sit on the keyboard. LOL


Mindy said...

My goodness, Asha is looking so grown up!

Rebeckah said...

You are doing such a great job : ). Just know that these trying behavior times will pass. God bless you, Mandy!