Monday, August 11, 2008


Asha has really been noticing her color lately and has said some pretty funny things. The other day I asked if she wanted ice cream and she said she wanted chocolate. So she had chocolate and I was scooping up vanilla for myself and she says "I can't have that because it will make me pink". I said "vanilla ice cream will make you pink?" and she says "chocolate makes me brown." Goofy kid!! Then at gymnastics today she cracked me up. They were running around and the teacher would call out a color and the kids would have to find that color and she calls out brown and Asha stops and looks at her and says "I'm Brown" and touches arm.

It's never anything bad that she says or negative she's just been talking alot lately about being brown. I have talked to her teachers at school to see if any of the kids are making a big deal about it and the teacher says that no one does so I wonder if things are being said at her dad's house. According to "I'm Chocolate Your Vanilla" kids don't realize color at this age unless it's pointed out to them.

I just didn't think the talk of color would happen so young. I was a little thrown off when she started with it but now the funniest things come out of her mouth. I do let her know that eating ice cream will not turn her colors but it was just so unexpected when she said that.

She is just so silly!!


Mindy said...

Love it! She's a smart girl, that one.

Girly has been talking about her skin tone for a couple of years now, so maybe the book doesn't have it totally right--although, we do talk about it pretty matter-of-factly around here, so maybe she just internalized it earlier than normal.

Love ya. Sounds like Asha's doing well. Keep me posted and come visit my blog soon if you haven't lately...lots of BabyGirl pics (her birthday was this week).

Talk to you soon,

Rebeckah said...

Kaishon noticed early. I mean, how can they not notice? Almost everyone around her is white right? How can you not notice that you are a different color. I think Kaishon was 2 when we talked about it. I try to make sure that we always surround ourselves with lots of white and lots of brown people. We also talk about all kinds of other cultures! We love our neighborhood because we have asian, white, black, african, and indian families all around us.

stephanie garcia said...

She is too funny! Make sure you keep writing all of her great stories down. (: