Saturday, August 23, 2008

Asha's Obsessions & Pictures

My girl has been obsessed with a few things this summer and her biggest thing is DRESSES. I can not get this little girl to wear anything but dresses. If all her dresses are dirty for the weekend then she wears skirts or her leotard dress. I keep trying to trick her into wearing shorts but she won't have it. She will negotiate until she gets to wear a dress.

Her next obsession would have to be the "Adams Family" song from the M&M's commercial. She sings it all the time now. It is so cute and when it gets to the snapping part she stops and looks at me because that's my part.

Her newest phrase if Ginormous. Everything is Ginormous. She is just so darn cute.

She is still talking about her color and it was so darn cute last Friday. We had a cookout with a friend of mine and she had a friend over who had adopted 2 African American children and Asha was holding the girls hand when we said grace before we ate and she kept looking at her hand holding the girls hand and then her other hand holding my hand. It was so cute. She was very fascinated with the boy. Actually he was 18 but he was right outside playing with Asha and pushing her on the swings. Asha fell in love with him. He even rode with us to get ice cream which thrilled her.

Well here are some pictures since it's been so long since I posted any.

I've been trying to get more pictures of me and my girl together since I don't have much from the last 3 years since I'm always the one taking the pictures.

Here she is in her new Bikini. She loves it and even though it's a little big she still wears it as much as she can.

That's all for new pictures right now. I thought I had taken more but with everything that's been going on this summer we haven't gotten out to do much this last month or so. I will try to take more pictures and post them.

We have plans to go to the beach with some friends Labor Day weekend and then I hope to take her to the local Fair if I can afford it next weekend as well so I should have some more pictures then.


Rebeckah said...

I love that she likes dresses : ), that is so sweet and girly. Sabria was like that this Summer. She wanted a dress on at all times! I love the bikini. Have fun at the beach. She is so cute.

Angel said...

I just LOVE the new pictures. SO CUTE!!! :0) Angel

Rebeckah said...

I tagged you in a fun thing about sevens. Maybe you need an idea for a new post : ). Come over and see. How are you guys?