Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Week

Ok I just thought of a good post especially for those of you out there who have adopted and have open adoptions with your children's birth family.

Last week it was family week at Asha's school and we had to make a collage of all the things about our family. I asked the teacher what exactly she was looking for because I don't exactly have any recent pictures of Asha's brother and dad and I was also wondering if we should include her birthfamily or if that would confuse the other kids. She said I could do what ever I wanted. If i just wanted to do me and Asha that was fine if I wanted to include her dad and brother that was fine and if I wanted to include her birth family that was fine. So basically she was no help at all.

I did decide to put everyone in including her birth family because I do tell her that they are her family and that her bio sibs are her brother and sister and I didn't want to confuse her by not putting them in.

So my question is what do all of you other mothers do who have open adoptions when this kind of thing comes up at school? Do you just do your family or do you add the birth family?

Just curious because I'm sure this won't be the last time this will come up.

Thanks for any suggestions, advice, stories you want to give.


Pep said...

I do not have any advice- but look forward to seeing the thoughts from others. I am sure you're doing the right thing! :-) Pep

Rebeckah said...

Well, our situation is a little different but this is what I know. Kaishon talks about his REAL family all the time. He tells me that he is part mexican and indian and spanish and venezualan (really, any country he hears about). At first, I used to feel bad inside because I wanted to be his real family, but now I understand that he is just trying to figure out where he belongs in the world : ). I am going to be sending his mother some pictures of him soon. She is in prison. We'll see how that goes!

Min said...

I imagine that even though we homeschool, I might deliberately do a family tree project with Girly at some point. I think I'll ask her BigSis to help her with the biological side of the "trunk." It will help us fill in some blanks, too, the more limbs we put on tree, you know?

I think you're right--we stick with the definition of family that we have in our home...if you call them family, then they ARE and you're 100% right not to confuse her or divert her from what she already knows. Good for you!

How have you been?

Rebeckah said...

Thinking of you Mandy : )!

Mandy said...

I will post soon. I've just been super busy. I have been going through the interview process with a company that I've been trying to get into for a few months now and I GOT HIRED today.

I have a bunch of pictures I want to post just haven't found the time to get them off the camera. I will possibly work on it tomorrow or this weekend.

I know I'm a bad blogger. Thanks for sticking in there with me.