Sunday, September 07, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a really good holiday weekend. Saturday we spent 3 hours at the beach and then came home to have the next door neighbors girls invite Asha to play in the sprinklers. The girl pretty much spent a whole day in her bikini which is absolutely in love with.
Here she is with her froggy innertube. It took her 2 hours to wade into the water up to her butt. She loves the beach just not the water.
Filling froggies face with mud. She liked to pretend her feet were stuck in the mud and ask me to "save" her and pull her out. Then she would shove my feet into the mud and "save" me.
Here she's doing a little splashing of her own. A boy ran past her and splashed her and she turns around and yells "Don't Splash Me!!" My friend who was with us cracked up laughing because her daughter is so quiet she would never yell at someone for splashing her. My friend was like "Wow she can take care of herself"!!

Trying very hard to take her sand castle with her. Unfortunately for her after this picture she picked it up and it crumbled so it was off to make another one.

The next door neighbor girl gave Asha her old Princess scooter and Asha has been on it almost every day since then. She absolutely loves it and the bell that came on it.

The weather was beautiful the whole weekend and we just had a really nice time being together and having so much fun. On Labor Day we ended up roasting marshmallows with her Grandma and Papa and cousin before bedtime and that was really nice. She enjoyed that and got VERY sticky.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend as well.


L L said...

Great holiday weekend you two had!!! I chuckled also at Asha sticking up for herself!

Rebeckah said...

Truly fabulous pictures! She is so adorable! It just makes me smile! Hope you are feeling good! Much love!

Min said...

I'm so far behind on my blog reading! We've been on vacation and then have had a bout of power outage and wind damage.

Great pictures. You two look like you're doing pretty well!


Rebeckah said...

How are you guys doing? I tagged you in a fun thing a long time ago on my blog. Why don't you do that : ). Then I can read something!