Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Circus, Circus

Today was Asha's first trip to the circus and she loved it!! Her favorite part was the elephant at the end. She was screaming and clapping so loud that people were looking at us. I didn't think she would really watch the whole thing but she did. She watched every single act and would even clap when the clown told the crowd to. She was pretty astonished by it all and I'm so happy that she liked it.

When we got home she even tried to do a back bend like the contortionist. She tried 3 times to bend backwards as far as she could. I just laughed at her and she would stand straight up and laugh too.

They had elephant rides and pony rides as well but they were waaaay too expensive to even think about putting her on. I don't think she would have stayed on the elephant anyways and I'm afraid of heights so it wasn't a good idea.

She tried cotton candy for the first time and didn't like it when it was all fluffy and fuzzy looking but if I balled it up she would eat it. I thought she would go crazy over it but my little girl prefers chocolate to most any other candy.

The best part about the circus was it was a real circus. It was outside under a tent and had all the circus smells. The town about 1/2 an hour from here has a circus in a gymnasium every year and it just doesn't feel like a circus that's why we don't go. This was a real circus and it was great.

I'm so happy we went and that it was so fun!!