Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What A Day!!

Love this little girl to death but boy did she give me a hard time today. Actually she's been giving me a hard time this week. She hasn't had much of an appetite when normally she will eat ANYTHING that is put in front of her. Her not so nice way of telling me she doesn't want to eat has been to either throw the food on the floor or throw her fork on the table or floor. She normally does so well but she obviously doesn't have much of an appetite this week. When I can actually get her to eat she won't use her fork or she will stab the food and then take it off with her fingers and eat it that way. I sure hope this is a phase because she has been so difficult this week.

She is only 16 months old but some days I think we are going through the terrible 2's already. She has also been biting and hitting which I had her broken of and all of a sudden she's doing it again.

It's so hard to punish her though because when I yell at her for hitting or biting she puts her head on my leg and say "ove" which is how she says love. It melts my heart and I pick her up and tell her I love her too.

It's been harder lately to deal with because my husband is out of town for almost the last 2 months training for a new job so I am flying solo. This may be part of the problem with the biting and hitting as well but it's so much easier when there is someone else here to help out. I am so beat by the end of the day that I usually don't even have the energy to check e-mail or update this blog. I don't know how single parents do it.


Bek said...

Hi Mandy....

Asha is getting SO BIG!!! I can totally relate to the toddler battles. Ours are about the same age...sigh