Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Beautiful Girl

I love this little girl so much!!! She brings so much joy to every day!! I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my whole life. She is silly and happy pretty much all the time. She loves to make us laugh and we love to laugh for her.

This past Saturday we had a wedding and she was the life of the party. During the prayer before we ate she started clapping and saying "YEAH" right at the right moment and everyone started to laugh and then during all the toasts she did the same thing. Someone at another table said "I love that little girl she says yeah right at the right time every time!!" It was so funny and cute!! Later she was out there on the dance floor just dancing like there was no tomorrow. Oh yeah she was also chasing the little boys. She makes everything so much more fun and enjoyable.

I can't even say how much I admire her birth mom for making the hard choice to make an adoption plan and pick us to raise her. I know how incredibly hard it was for her and how much she loves Asha but still knew in herself that raising her was something she just could not do at that point in her life. Asha's birth mom is so strong and we love her so much!! She has give us the most wonderful gift ever and we will forever hold her close to our hearts!!


Tracey said...

Jumping over from D's blog.

She's absolutely beautiful! And I love the age she's at. Into everything, but absolutely forgiveable for it!

Enjoy it - cuz they grow so fast!

Angel said...

SHE IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE! Seriously adorable. :0) Angel