Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is coming!!!

I can't believe Christmas is almost here again. Asha's second Christmas WOW. This year should be really fun with her. Last year all she wanted to do was rip everyone's bows off their presents and play with those.

Lesson number one learned!! Don't put Christmas presents under the tree 3 weeks prior to Christmas. Will drive the little one CRAZY!!! We had to take all bows off the presents because she kept stealing them. Now she just steals the presents.

Lesson number two learned!!! I guess there is no lesson number two. Just don't put presents under the tree early unless you want to chase little one around and repair presents multiple times.

My stepson is loving this though because Asha keeps damaging the wrapping paper on his presents and he is hoping to get a peak of what's inside.

Christmas is at our house this year and I am going all out!! I found a fun punch recipe that will be fun for the kids, now all I have to do is find a punch bowl. We are baking this weekend in preparation and I will also be making snacks next weekend in preparation for Christmas Day. I am so excited. Last year was hard on us so there wasn't much excitement which bummed me out since it was Asha's first Christmas but her second Christmas is going to ROCK!!

Our Christmas morning tradition is to have Belgian Waffles with strawberries after opening all of our presents. The kids love it and it's something we only have time to do once a year.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

Again I am trying to upload pictures but I am having problems. I will post pictures later if I can.
I have the cutest picture of the kids in front of the tree and I so want to post it!! UGH!!