Monday, April 23, 2007

Bye Bye Nuk!

Well last night turned out to be very sleepless. Asha fell asleep on me at 7:30 last night since she didn't have a nap at all and I thought she was down for the night. Guess again. She woke up at 11:30 crying so I went in to find her Nuk (she only gets it for bed) for her and I put it in her mouth and she spit it out and continued to cry. I tried the Nuk again and the same happened only this time she was getting more mad. I finally looked at the Nuk and it was ripped through the middle. I told Asha "Nuk broken" and she had a complete meltdown. This would not be that big of a problem if we had more Nuks but DH said after this one is done that it's no more Nuk. So she threw a temper tantrum until she fell back asleep but continued to wake up many many times throughout the night screaming and crying because she couldn't find her Nuk.
This is going to be so hard to listen to every night. It breaks my heart to hear her cry like that but I know it is something that needs to be done so why not sooner rather than later right? I don't know how much I actually believe that but we'll see how it goes and how long I can hold out before I buy her another one.
We are still undecided about the toddler bed. She doesn't climb out yet but she gets her leg over the top of the railing and just kind of sits there until I get her down. She's getting there but not there yet. How long do you think we can hold out????


Pep said...

I just wanted to say Asha is so beautiful! She has the prettiest little face! :-)