Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Baby Is A BIG Girl!!

I don't have a baby anymore I have a big girl. The family picture was taken when Asha was 3 months old and she is now my 2 year old.
Asha had her 2 year doctor appointment and she is 90% for height. A whopping 35" for height and 26 1/2 pounds which makes her 50% for weight. She is tall and skinny .... very tall.
I can not believe she used to be only 6 pounds and 18". When we brought her home she was too small for her car seat. She was just this little itty bitty ball. She didn't even fit in the preemie clothes we had to go out and buy her. Time really does fly.
The doctor had suggested that we start to potty train her since she seems to understand when she is wet. She will tell me "change diapey". It's so cute!! She has yet to go tinkle on the potty but she sits there nicely while I sing stupid little made up potty songs to encourage her to go tinkle on the potty. My step son thinks I'm crazy but if it eventually makes her go tinkle I'll look crazy.
My girl is sick today. No fever but she can't keep anything down. I feel so bad for her because she cries so hard whenever she is throwing up. At one point I had her in the tub to clean her up after one of her episodes and she just started to cry and puke and shake. I was crying because I felt so bad for her. I hope she feels better after her nap.
We did Easter last Sunday since DH won't be here for Easter. I didn't get any good pictures of Asha with her Easter basket because she was all serious again like with her birthday presents. She is really enjoying jelly beans though this year. She will ask "Heas (please) jelly bean" and run over to where her bucket is on the counter. Hopefully next year daddy will be home for Easter and we can do it right.
Happy Easter Everyone!!


Pep said...

Awww - Mandy, she is adorable. It really is amazing to see how quickly they grow.
I am sorry your girly-girl was sick - I hope she's feeling better now. Love, Pep