Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

It's a little late but here are some pictures of our wonderful 4th of July.

It was probably the best one we've had in a while. No stress just lots of fun. This picture is of Asha in our backyard waiting for it to get dark so daddy could light off some of our own fireworks. Our town has fireworks on the 4th of July every year and fortunately we can see them from our backyard so it's alot quieter and less crowded. She loved them and would yell "Sparkles" every time they lit up the sky. She did really well since there was minimal booming from where we were.

Also while waiting for it to get dark we lit our outdoor fireplace and grandma brought marshmallows so Asha had her very first roasted marshmallow. She LOVED it and couldn't get enough. I didn't get a picture but she had marshmallow all over her face. It's a good thing grandma's think of fun stuff like marshmallows.

This is Asha trying to see the ribbons she put on her head. Daddy bought brother some poppers that shoot ribbons out and she thought they were supposed to go on her head once they came out of the popper.

Daddy also bought the kids sparklers and Asha got to hold her very first sparkler. I got a picture but it's not the best. She liked it but it freaked mom out so the first was the last for the night. She enjoyed watching brother play with his so it was no big loss to her.
Here's my girl in her "kini" as she likes to call it. During the day we went to grandma and papas house to go swimming. She's not a big fan of the water but she really liked it this time. She was shivering and still didn't want to get out. I hope by the end of the summer she is really into swimming more.

Over all it was a wonderful 4th of July.


Pep said...

Looks like you had a fantastic vacation! :-) I love it when you post family pictures . . but you're missing! ;)

You're so right, that bed looks comfy! :-)

Hugs - Pep