Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Time Camping

I must say that Asha is definately an out doors kind of girl. She LOVED camping more than I ever thought she would. She laughed from sun up to sun down and just ran ran ran. We camped with Grandma and Papa and had joining camp sites so she ran back and forth visiting and playing. She got soooo dirty but had sooo much fun!! We didn't get to camp as much as we wanted because it rained Thursday all day so we stayed home and went from Friday to Sunday. She had her very first pudgy pie this morning. Daddy made her a cherry pie filling with a marshmallow in the middle and she couldn't get enough. She is now addicted to marshmallows. She would wake up in the morning saying "Chocolate Mallow?" We had to keep telling her that she couldn't have chocolate mallows for breakfast but at night we would have some more. Here are some pictures of her having fun!!
This is Asha in the tent. She kept calling it "Asha's tent". When we took it down this morning she kept saying "Asha's tent flat". It was so cute!!

This is Asha being silly while waiting for papa to throw her the frisbee. She really liked chasing the little red disc around. Kept her busy for a while.Here she is chilling on daddy after scarfing down a bunch of marshmallows and grahm crackers.

Just for fun here is one of Asha in her new bikini. Unfortunately we didn't get to go swimming even though it was hot enough. We were just too busy doing other things. It didn't help that mom had a migraine part of the day on Saturday.

I definately think we will be going camping again. Probably not this year anymore but next year for sure.


Pep said...

I haven't experienced the chocolate marshmallows, yet! But, by golly, I will! :0) Asha is so fun! :-)

BlessedWithDaughters said...

The last pic is great! Great shades!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

I am hoping to take my girls camping next year when they are both home and I think Tuks will be old enough to enjoy it.

Great photos

DeAnna said...

We still haven't found the chocolate marshmallows, but I will definitely be searching harder before our next camping trip. Asha and my Isabella would get along great, Isabella loves everything about camping! I love the bikini pictures, what a cutie! :)

Mandy said...

We have only had luck with the chocolate marshmallows at Walmart and they only had them for a limited time. Once they ran out they didn't have anymore. I have now seen Strawberry Marshmallows but haven't tried them since we have so many other marshmallows still in stock.