Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We LOVE Play Dates!!

What a wonderful thing play dates are!! We love them and look forward to them. I was never able to do them with my stepson and feel very blessed to have a group of woman who like to have play dates with us. The best part about our play dates is that we all have adopted children and they are all of other cultures. It tickles me to know that Asha will have friends who have families just like hers.

The play date yesterday was with T, M, S, and K. We didn't get any pictures of S & K because they had to leave early. Here are the pictures I did get.
This is Asha and T attempting to play together. None of the girls really play together it's usually just near eachother. Asha is the oldest among the girls but they all get along so nice.
Here's my musical girl trying out the drums.

Here is M sitting on her mommies lap.

We have so much fun at the play dates and it's so nice for us mommies to talk about real life things rather than toddler talk. I hope these girls will have a bond for many years to come!!


BlessedWithDaughters said...

What a great play group! The kids are so cute! It's so true that little girls play "near" each other...that starts early, doesn't it?!