Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brother And Sister!!

I am an only child so I have no idea what it's like to have siblings, but it really warms my heart to see Asha and her brother get along so well. I've seen sibling relationships that are horrible and have heard so many horror stories that I really hope Asha and Dakota can skip past all of that.
These pictures were from tonight. Dakota was playing cards at the table and Asha was "helping" and he didn't get mad or anything. He is so patient with her and shows her so much love. There are so many times he should have lost his cool with her but he never does.
She asks at least once during the day where her brother is and knows as soon as he opens the door that it's him coming home from school. She runs up and says hi. Yesterday she even said "I'm so happy your here". He was so happy and so shocked that those big girl words came out of her mouth. He had to come and tell me and he was beaming with love.
They both just make my heart burst with love.


DeAnna said...

Oh that is so precious!! What a sweet big brother and his adoring little sister. I agree, I pray that my girls have a great relationship. My husband and I said we are bound and determined to help them in this. :)