Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saint Nick and Snow

We celebrate Saint Nicolaus Day on December 6th. Some people do and some people don't but that was one tradition I had as a child so we have carried it along for our children. Asha of course loves it because she gets her VERY big stocking full of treats and toys.

She would pull one thing out and want to play with it or eat it and I had to keep encouraging her to dig deeper. We did mostly toys this year instead of candy since we have been doing Santa Mail with them and they get candy in there. Santa Mail is a mailbox with Santa painted on the side that I had picked up at a store and we use that to count down the 25 days until Christmas. I buy little toys and candy and put it in each of their mail pouches and then they check it every day. They then put a sticker on a calendar I made for the month of December. They really love it alot.

Here is Asha with some of her loot. She really made out pretty well. She got jewelry, books, a butterfly lantern and some candy.

I also wanted to share the funniest thing about her and snow. Like I've said she doesn't like snow at all so her new thing is to ask me at least once a day "Where's the grass?" I think that is her way of saying she really wants the snow to go away. We keep telling her it's under the snow and all she says is "oh" but she sounds so sad when she says it. I think it's going to be a long winter for her if we can't get her interested in playing in the snow.

Hope everyone is prepared for Christmas because it is coming FAST!!


Mindy said...

Girly has the same lantern. *grin*

Merry Christmas to Asha and to your entire family!


L L (skyangel) said...

I love your Santa Mail tradition!

I want to know where the grass is too??!!