Monday, December 03, 2007

Decorating Is So Much Fun!!

We had a busy weekend cutting down our Christmas tree and decorating it and the house. It's our tradition that we cut our own tree down and Dakota has been doing it all by himself for the last few years. Asha wasn't real impressed and didn't really like the snow on her face. She is pretty smart though and has figured out that her hat is big enough that she can pull it over her face and the snow won't get her then.

She didn't help much in the tree picking out department with her hat over her face. It's nice that she does this though because she hates scarves so atleast there's something covering her face that doesn't bother her.

Sunday we decorated the tree and the house. She did really well and loved putting the ornaments on. She took over the step stool and put as many ornaments on as she could. We weren't too bright though because we put bell ornaments on and now she won't leave them alone. She doesn't take them off but she walks around the tree and hits everyone that she can reach. It's cute and as long as she doesn't take them off I'm fine with it.

The big test will be when there are presents under the tree and if she'll leave them alone. She LOVES presents and thinks it's someone's birthday when she sees them. I hope she leaves them alone because I have no where to hide anymore presents.

It has been so much fun now that she is older and can help out more. I can't wait for Christmas!!


Muskie Mom said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend.

Shell said...

I can't wait till Minta is OLDER! We just put a table top tree up and it just isn't the same.