Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th Of July!!!!!!!!!!

Our weekend plans got all turned upside down but that's fine. Asha and I are flexible and as long as we are having fun together it doesn't matter where we go or who we are with.

We were supposed to go to a cook out at a friends house and then to the fireworks with them but her husband decided to change their plans so they went somewhere else which left me and Asha on our own. We hung out at home most of the day and I made stuff for the cook out that we are invited to tomorrow that might not happen as well. My friend's daughter had the flu yesterday and my friend thought she was getting it too. She will let me know tomorrow if we are still on or not. Any way we decided to go to a petting zoo and then we went back to my home town where we were going to watch fireworks tonight. We played at the park and had Subway for supper until it was late enough for us to head over to the fair grounds where the fireworks are held. Well we sat there for an hour and blew bubbles and played ball waiting for the fireworks to start and as soon as they started lighting off the practice ones Asha freaked and instantly wanted to go home. She was up early today and wouldn't take a nap so I'm sure that's most of why it freaked her so much but right before they started we left and came home. She was sleeping by the time we got here.

It was fine I am tired anyway. We've been doing ALOT this week and I need a little down time this weekend as well.

Tomorrow we will probably go swimming and then to the cookout if it's still on. If it's not on we will have a little fire here and roast some marshmallows maybe with Asha's grandma and grandpa if they want to join us. Either way is fine with me. I can be more flexible now that it's just the 2 of us.

Well I want to post some pictures and get to bed. I'm exhausted. Here's some pictures from this past week. ENJOY!!

Here's my patriotic girl all ready to celebrate the 4th of July. I found this dress at KMart for $3 or $5 I think. It was the last one and perfect for today.

The camera just loves her and I love to take pictures of her.
Here she is at the park today. She was trying to do all the big kid stuff and just wasn't having it that mom said she was too little. I ended up spotting her on alot of stuff because she was going to try it no matter what.

We spent an hour and a half at this park. It's the one in my home town and I used to take the kids there a few times a week last summer.

I took her to the beach this week on one of my short days and she had a blast. I wasn't sure how she would be in the water and she started to walk in and just kept on walking. I had to follow her in to make sure she didn't go too far.

Dakota stopped over the other day unexpectedly. He was fishing with his grandpa and when they got back and he saw we were home he came in to visit. It was a very nice visit. I miss him alot and it was like old times having him here and Asha was extactic that he was here. She cried when he had to leave. They look so happy to be together. He even had his papa wake him up at 7:30 the next morning so he could come down and see us before we left for the day.

It's been a good week and a good holiday weekend so far. Hope everyone else can say the same.



Mindy said...

Beautiful pictures of Asha, as always!

She and Dakota look thrilled to be spending time together.

Happy 4th!


Leslie said...

Your daughter is beautiful..I found yous site on Adoption!