Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Asha apparently has an amazing memory. On Saturday we went to a cookout at my friends house and she just bought a house on the same road as our old house and as soon as we turned onto the road Asha said "are we going to our house?" I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure she would have forgotten about it by now but she remembered. She even remembered when we were at the park in our old town that I used to take her and Dakota there.

It's actually kind of sad because now she's been asking to go home and when we get home she says "not this home". She has also been talking about the park alot and when I used to take her and Dakota.

Her and I are really missing him and I wish he could come over more. It doesn't seem to be getting easier on either one of us. It's actually getting harder. There are things I'm starting to miss and she's obviously missing some things too.

She has even started asking me "what are we missing?" and when I say I don't know she'll look at me and say "Dakota". It's so sad because she was so close to her brother. When he came home from school she used to tell him "I'm so happy you are here!!" I was really excited for her to have a big brother when we got her and then for him to be such a good big brother was so wonderful to see. He would have done anything for her and she adored him so much. He would go to the fair with his friends and spend most of his money winning her things at the different games. He would turn down playing with his friends to stay home and play with her. He was an AWESOME big brother.

We sure do miss him.


mayhem said...

Dakota sounds like a great kid!

I'm sorry things were rough last weekend without Asha. Yuck.

Mandy said...

He is and we miss him alot. Been thinking about him more than normal since his visit. I want to call him but he's at his mom's and she doesn't tend to let me talk to him. Asha is excited to go to her dad's to see Dakota but he isn't going to be there. He's at his mom's for the whole month.

L L said...

Hugs for you and Asha.

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Hey Mnady, up for either going to
the fair in Wausau, or swimming at Sunset some weekend??


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

here is my email