Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's All About The Boots!!

I think my husband is as much of a shoe horse as Asha is. We went looking for new sandals for Asha on Saturday and came out of Target with new sandals and a pink pair of cow girl boots. The boots were compliments of daddy and his little girl had to wear them all through the store and the rest of the day. It was all about those pink boots for her and she loves them. She has been wearing them ever since Saturday afternoon. She wakes up in the morning and her first words are no longer "Good Morning mom" oh no not when there are pink boots to be worn. I now get greated with "Pink Boots mom". She wears them with every outfit including her pajamas. It is the sweetest thing and the one thing I love about having a little girl. Her ability to be girly and loving to dress up. Here are some picture of her outfits since the boots have arrived.
This is what she was wearing Saturday when we bought the boots. The outfit actually does match because there are little pink flowers on her dress.

This is her Sunday morning wearing her boots with her jammies. Luckily she did take them off when it was bath time. We thought we might have a battle of wills over that but it all went smoothly.

This is her outfit from Monday. I tried to make her match since we had to be out and about that day. Here is today's outfit. We did have a little time this morning without the boots but she did finally remember and had to have them on again.

No boots in this picture but this was her fashion statement for last Wednesday when we went to pick up brothers football gear at the school. She HAD to wear her wings. She got lots of compliments on them.

I wonder if tomorrow will be a bootless day?? LOL


BlessedWithDaughters said...

LOVING the boots! And the wings are hysterical! Girly also has to wear wings on a fairly regular basis...AND has to force them on Baby, too! See, now I'm thinking we might have to go on a boot-buying expedition!

Hugs and love,

Pep said...

Mandy - Been missing eachother on YAHOO MESSENGER! ha!

Got to tell ya - I love, love, love the pink boots! What a girl! :-)

You're in my thoughts!

Hugs, Pep