Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Six Flags

The day after our wonderful 4th of July we took the kids to Six Flags in Illinois. We found a wonderful package deal offered by the Hyatt in Deerfield so we couldn't pass it up.

The first day we went to Hurricane Harbor which is the water park there. Again Asha wasn't real big on the water part of it but she did love the lazy river. She layed on daddy's belly and said hi to everyone who passed.

They had an amazing kids area with water cannons and huge buckets at the top that would slowly fill up with water and then dump out on whoever was down below. For that reason Asha would not let us put her in the water. She was fine until she saw the bucket dump. I love this picture of her and daddy.

The second day we hit all the big rides and all the little kid areas for Asha. She is obsessed with trains and thankfully they had a little kiddie train. She loved it and for the rest of the day thought all the big roller coasters were trains. She would yell "train choo choo"!
Lastly the girl loved our bed in the hotel room. We almost thought she would sleep with us. She kept climbing up there and making herself at home. I do not blame her though because I could have stayed in it all day. I've never said that about a hotel bed but it was AWESOME!! Here she is enjoying our bed.

By the way I am the QUEEN at Wack A Mole and won her some really nice stuffed animals. The one you can see in the last picture is the most adorable little puppy. The prizes at Six Flags are waaaaay better than you win at carnival games. It was so worth the $3 to win her such cute prizes. She walked away with a cute unicorn, an octopus (really cute) and her puppy.

It was alot of fun and I will have not problems going back in a few years when Asha can actually remember she's been there.


DeAnna said...

What a sweet picture of her and daddy. I was looking at these pictures and the 4th of July ones and she is just breathtakingly pretty. Daddy better hold her a little tighter. :) Isabella was the same way with water last year and she still doesn't love getting it in her face, but she is much more of a little fish this year, so maybe Asha will still start to like it better. :)