Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tinkle Potty!

She did it she went tinkle on the potty yesterday. We've been trying for months now and nothing but of course when daddy is home she will do it for him. I think she barely went but we made a very big deal out of it so hopefully she will do it again.

She has been very good about letting us know when she needs a diaper change so I hope we are getting closer to her telling us when she needs to use the potty. She asks to go on the potty but it's usually after she's already gone in her diaper.

She's actually been asking to go on the potty more since she had a poop accident in the bathtub on Monday. I had to sit her on the potty for a while to clean up after her accident so maybe something clicked there a little. It was NOT a fun time. That was her first accident in the bathtub ever so I am counting myself lucky. It wouldn't have been soooo bad if she wasn't still sitting there with conditioner in her hair ready to drip in her face. I had to then rinse her hair in the kitchen sink which you would have thought I was trying to kill her with all the screaming and flailing about. We got through it and it will be a nice memory to tell her about when she's older.


BlessedWithDaughters said...

ROFL! Yay, Big Girl!

Out of curiosity, are you going to use pull-ups? Just wondering how unusual our Girly was...she went straight to real panties and seemed to do great that way. Other moms swear by pullups, but they seem so much like diapers to me that I never saw the point. I've got a year or more to go before I'm at that point with Baby, but I'm already starting to think about it...

Anyway, Hurrah for Miss Asha!


Mandy said...

I think my girl will probably go right to undies because she is obsessed with them. I wish she was obsessed enough to actually use the potty more often so she could get them but I don't think we will be doing pull ups.

Deanna said...

Great potty times. Sorry we have not been able to has been hectic. We have adopted a baby boy- Born June 15th - His name is Samuel. We are still in Michigan dealing with interste junk- he did not get out of the hospital till June 21st thugh.