Friday, August 17, 2007

At The Park!!

Our town got a grant for new play equipment at the local park and it's finally done so we had to venture down to see it this week. We went twice and Asha loves it more every time we go. She particularly likes going to the park because it's next to a river and she loves to watch the river as we walk over it. As soon as she gets in her stroller she says "see river, see river".

It was so cute at the park there was this little girl who was 4 and she was just drawn to Asha. She followed Asha around and Asha followed her around. The little girls older brother was more than willing to help Asha get around the tunnels and places I couldn't get to. She seems to draw people and kids where ever she goes. When we went to the beach last week this little girl kept coming up to Asha and saying "Your sooo cute!!" People are always coming over and talking to her at the stores and even men go gaga over her. It's so funny to see men stop and talk all cutsey to her.
Any ways here are some pictures from our outings this week.

This is Asha sitting on the steps going up to the tunnel that she played in most of the time we were there. She couldn't get all the way through by herself but she kept trying.

Here she is in the tunnel. It was steep and some of the kids used it for a slide as well. She had fun just trying to get through.

This picture was taken the first day we went to the park. She was more interested in the swings the first time but today she liked the actual new play ground stuff.

Here is Asha and her brother having fun on the new equipment. Asha really tries to do everything that he does.

This one is just for fun because she looks so cute and just so darn old in this picture. This was taken today and so were the first 2.
We will definately be going back to the park as much as we can before summer is over. She didn't want to leave.


Angel said...

Of course everyone loves her. Just look at that ADORABLE little face! :0) Angel

BlessedWithDaughters said...

She IS looking so grown up in that last picture! So pretty!