Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fun Times

We've been having a great end of summer. We are still doing the park thing regularly and there was a fair we took the kids to last night. Asha really is starting to enjoy rides and that is so much fun to watch.

She is still into her pink boots and has been wearing them with everything again. Her new passion is her new leotards for gymnastics. She keeps pulling them out of her drawers and wants us to put them on.

Asha on the carousel at the fair. She never used to like it but the last few times she's really started to smile and laugh and yell "Whee" while on.

Here she is all dressed up for her Great Grandma's birthday party and of course there are the pink boots. We tried VERY hard to talk her into her cute white sandals but it had to be the boots. We get comments every where we go about her boots. Everyone loves them and that makes her want to wear them more.

This is Asha at the school playground. I really love this picture of her even though part of her got a little cut off.

Did you all realize that it's getting darker out earlier? Well the night we took a walk to the school playground I thought we would have plenty of time to get home before dark but I was very wrong. It was almost completely dark out by 8 p.m. We ended up walking home in the dark. So just in case no one has noticed it is getting dark earlier.


Angel said...

I just love all the new pictures! It is so fun to see them grow up. She is precious. Whenever I see your little one I just wonder what our next little one will look like. :0) It's so strange to think that he/she is probably in her first momma's tummy right now. We are already praying for him/her. Some days I can hardly contain my excitement. Other days I am terrified about a new baby and wonder what I am thinking. Hee hee. Angel

BlessedWithDaughters said...

As always, just love it! Your girl is beautiful.

I know about the getting dark earlier...we're also finally starting to get mosquitoes! Blech. I got a bite on my big toe the other night. OUCH...right on the joint!