Friday, September 07, 2007

Mamma D

When I look at this beautiful little face I just can't help but to think of Mamma D. I worry about her and think about her every day. I know she is doing fine and getting on with her life now that she's not in Grad school but I still worry. It's even worse when she goes for long periods of time without e-mailing me.

I worry that by getting on with her life that she won't want to have as much contact as we have in the past and that makes me sad for Asha and for myself. Like I have stated she is like the sister I've never had and we truly love her like part of the family.

I can understand if moving on with her life means not having alot of contact with us but I will miss her very much!! I may also just be overreacting like I tend to do. I freak out and then she e-mails me to tell me how insanely busy she's been and then I feel stupid for thinking she was moving away from us. She does have 2 kids in school now and a full time job so it just may be that she is too busy or tired to e-mail.

I just want Asha to grow up knowing her Mamma D and how wonderful she is. I think only good can come from Asha knowing her birthmother and I think Mamma D feels the same.

I'll let you all know if she does contact me. I've been e-mailing her updates as usual but have not heard back from her at all.


BlessedWithDaughters said...

Hope everything's OK with Mamma D. I'm sure she's fine, but I know why you are concerned. Long distance relationships are hard to keep tabs on sometimes, even with the luxury of email!

Hugs to you!

LL (skyangel) said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Your daughter is so beautiful...that smile! I will pray that all is well with Mamma D, and hope that she makes contact. It has been such an education for me to read blogs that have semi/open or open adoptions. Doesn't make it scarey to me anymore and it makes a lot of sense especially for the children. Thanks again. I hope it is alright I added a link of your blog to mine. If not just let me know.