Friday, September 28, 2007

Hanging Around

This is Asha's favorite past time and it drives me crazy. It doesn't help that Big Brother thinks it's hilarious and helps her do it. This was yesterday. She piles the pillows from our bed up so she can reach the bar that goes over our bed. She just loves to hang and swing there at least until today.

This is what we caught her doing today. She didn't need much encouragement from brother either. She just needed his help to hang on to the bar and she did the rest. Big Brother is very impressed by little sis if you can't tell. His opinion is that she needs to play football because she's so strong. My opinion is that she'll be good at gymnastics if she keeps practicing as much as she does at home.
That's my little dare devil gymnast!!


L L (skyangel) said...

AWWW mandy!!! She is just amazing! I was trying to figure out how you could put up the actual gymnastics bar in your house, garage or something. I bet she dreams gymnastics!

Thanks for your reply on my post today. After I left for work I thought I should have amended it...I really do have the shopping bug but since we will be moving to AZ beginning of next year..I will be putting off the shopping..don't want to pack and move it. So I will be putting it off and yeah it would make me said seeing it everyday...waiting...But I do a little dream shopping in my head...

Emily said...

You have QUITE the little gymnast on your hands...she is going to keep you busy! :) My sister & I were little monkies when we were little...we did gymnastics & one day we discovered how to climb the door frames in our house...I hope she doesn't learn that trick soon! She's adorable...I love the pictures!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

My goodness I am impressed too..but I think her hanging would give me more gray hairs!!!LOL