Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sleep..... What's That?

All of a sudden we are having a repeat of July here. Asha won't sleep again. July was an absoltuely horrible month for sleeping and now she is doing it again. No matter what time she goes to bed she is up at the crack of dawn, won't take naps, and sometimes even fights going to bed at night. I know I'm not the only mom having this problem so just wondering what it is that is making all these kids not tired or atleast fighting it so hard. MOMMY NEEDS SLEEP!!

Well of course as I write that I am up instead of going to bed DUH on my part I guess.

Excited here that Asha is starting gymnastics on Tuesday. She's excited as well because she can't wait to wear her leotards. Grandma and Papa came to visit yesterday and she ran to her room and grabbed her favorite leotard and asked Grandma to put it on her. She knows a sucker when she sees on. She's got daddy and brother wrapped around her little finger.

Asha's new accomplishment for the weekend was finally playing with the bubble blowing Curious George doll we bought her a month ago to try and brib her into taking baths. When we first bought it she loved it until we tried to make him blow bubbles. He makes this horrible noise like Darth Vader and it scared the crap out of her so she hasn't touched it since that day. We put him on one of the speakers in the living room and she was fine with that as long as he didn't move from there. She would put little hats on him and poke him with things as long as he didn't move. Well for some reason he was ok to move this weekend and now she won't go anywhere without him. If anyone has the inclination to buy one of these things DON'T. The bubble part doesn't really work and his arm keeps falling off which is really annoying to keep putting back on 50 times a day. This is what we have heard all weekend "Please George arm on, Please George arm on etc..."

Well here are some pictures from the weekend.

This is Asha on daddy's lap. Her most favorite place to be on the weekends when he's home!!

Not the best picture of her but I took this because of the new hairstyle I did on her. It's called a twist out. I had done twists in her hair that lasted almost 2 weeks and when I took them out they were still all twisty and sticking up all cute!!Ok me the big dummy that I am thought I was doing cornrows correctly until I actually watched a video on how to do them. The picture above is my attempt today and they actually look like real cornrows. I always wondered before why mine were so wide and everyone else's cornrows were so narrow. DUH because I was doing it wrong. I am pretty proud of myself and like the real cornrows better than the way I was doing it.


L L (skyangel) said...

I was laughing so hard at the Curious George post! And smiling about Asga getting her leotards. I was remembering when I was little ang going to my first twirling lesson! Asha hair looks beautiful! If I am blessed with a little gilr , I am going to have to get lessons on simple braiding, I have never been able to do my own!

Pep said...

Mandy - As always - your little angel is gorgeous! I love to read your stories. You are blessed.

hugs - Pep

Mandy said...

skyangel~ I never did much with my own hair either so I had to get lessons from my mother in law. With practice it eventually looks how it's supposed to.

pep~ Thanks!! I am so blessed to have her in my life. She makes me smile than I think I ever have. Can't wait to hear all of your baby stories.

BlessedWithDaughters said...

LOVE the twist-out! I need to learn to do that! So far, Mackenna is waaaaayyyy too wiggly and impatient to let me do much with her hair...even just simple pigtails make her mad because she doesn't want to sit still that long. But eventually...