Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween 2007

This is the best picture I have of Asha in her costume. She was a biker girl. She did not like trick or treating at all. She wanted every piece of candy opened immediately and when we would not comply she would throw a fit all the way to the next house. Once she did finally realize that there was more candy to come she was better well atleast until we came to the house of the mean man wearing a scary mask. After that she was done. She would not go up to anymore houses unless daddy or mommy carried her. Brother wasn't a good enough protector from the evil I guess. We would not have minded carrying her except those cute little pants she's wearing were flaking terribly bad and anyone who touched her got covered in head to toe fake leather flakes. I regret even buying them off of ebay and we threw them away before we would even let her in the house.

She did however really like handing out candy once we got home. She was not afraid of the kids in costumes and would even greet them by their costume "hi demon!!" "hi pirate!!" and so on. She even started handing out candy for us and would chase the kids down when they attempted to leave because she wanted to give them more candy.

One of Asha's friends stopped over to trick or treat as well. They are just so darn cute together. They were both giving us a run for our money. One would run one way and the other would run the other way. It's fun though to see them interact with eachother.

My husband took 2 really cute pictures of her while we were waiting for trick or treaters that I just want to share.

It was a fun day after we got home. It was just a rough time getting to the fun part.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!!!


Emily said...

Adorable Biker Chick! :) I like greeting all the kids, too. Sometimes I have to ASK what their costumes are! :) I even tried to make the ones dressed as singers sing for their candy!

BlessedWithDaughters said...

So cute...and there are those boots again! *grin* I'm glad she got to use them in her costume. So funny about big bro not being able to protect her from the evil! I laughed at that sentence.

Monique came in and saw Asha's photos and said, "I like how she looks!"


L L (skyangel) said...

What a cute biker chick! I can just picture her passing out that candy! She is a doll.

BTW, you have been tagged!